WACA Celebrations 2024, Bengaluru ft. Vishy Anand, Gukesh, Pragg, Vaishali, Suhani Shah

The WACA celebrations are taking place at Good Shepherd Auditorium on 23rd of May 2024 at 7 p.m. IST. We will have Vishy Anand, Gukesh, Pragg, Vaishali present there as well as GM Sandipan Chanda. We will also have Suhani Shah coming in to read the minds of the champions!

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. It was wonderful event hopefully they conduct more in bengaluru 😇

  2. Arjun earigesibekadara baabu worestga pedda chamcha ganilaga unav

  3. Sagar bhai aapka fashion sense too kamaal hai

  4. Wanted to attend as The hall was nearby where I stay. The registration request response never came.🥸

  5. when sagar come with a coat on a shirt and sports shoes on formal pants. I felt that fashion sense.

  6. Suhani was just amazing. Kudos to her. Love the way in which the whole event was held.

  7. Thanks Sagar, WACA and everyone for a memorable evening today. Really loved getting to know more about the GMs. There were few stories shared that made me realise what makes a sport great are the stories attached to it. Would have loved to interact with you and all others a bit more upclose but maybe some other time. Thanks for providing this opportunity, had my fan moment seeing the calm and poise of Vishy sir in person.

  8. Loving this boy more and more as time goes by- Guki , his respect to vishy is immense. If I was on podium,I would not have paid attention to gesturing as small as standing up when vishy stood to speak abt pragg 47:35

  9. Suhani was looking bit nervous but performed really well 👏

  10. Why is the audio so bad? Get someone good for these things, horrible noise cancellation.

  11. Interviewee : **Breathes**
    Sagar Shah : WOW, Amazing! Its wonderful!

  12. @ChessbaseIndiaChannel: you guys did not talk about Arjun! Just bcos he is away playing, you could not even include him in your presentations! And Nihal too!

  13. The last Suhani’s trick was definitely someone writing those backstage and then she went backstage for the scissors apparently, and she puts her hand in the envelope first. Come on 😂😂. And she didn’t agree to tear the envelope, of course. Scissors were a very bad misdirection…

  14. It was memorable for all of us who attended the event, having witnessed them at close distance. Anand's stories were delightful to hear. Sagar hosted the event superbly and graciously stayed back at the event's end , signing autographs and selfies when most of the crowd was disappointed for not getting the guests' autographs.

  15. Very well organized. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening

  16. What’s the point to pane camera on chess board when there is nothing there lol… what joke of a production.

  17. Wow kids….gr8 opportunity
    You all are already winner, when you are facing world's best player without any fear or nervousness

  18. what is this ? already 7 ad in 25 min…….

  19. Thought Bangaloreans knew only Java and Python. Never knew they know chess 🙂

  20. 1:56:00 she fakes that she can read mind ,here she goes backstage to get the yellow paper that you can see on her left hand and put that paper in the box real quick , she is fake like bageshwar dham baba

  21. Suhani Shah is a fake mind reader, report her or deport her,she doesn't deserve the fame. Her career is finished anyways

  22. 1:56:08 Hath me yellow paper dikh hai suhani.. agli bar dhyan se perform karna🦹🦹🦹

  23. even I knew gukesh would play Bobby Fischer without being a mentalist 😂

  24. the trick suhani played was so planned out the person litrelly cancelled the 5 😂 wasn't even bothered to make it look she knew it already

  25. Looks like arjun and nihal and no part of waca 💔

  26. So suhani will win chess if she can read mind🤔

  27. Suhani had the yello paper in her hand when she was cutting the packet. The whole thing was being written by someone outside and she getting the scisors was part of the act where she got the paper from her team. This one got caught

  28. Sound quality is very poor

  29. They all should have given the legend a standing ovation, only few stood

    Unfair 💔

  30. Very poor quality and production value

    Who ever arranged this should evaluate his work

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