Vishy Anand on Best Chess Player Ever – “I Usually Just Say Fischer But…”

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  1. Magnus is the strongest player in history, and have been nr 1 for 10 years after rise of the chess engines. If every World champion had a tornament against eachother, Magnus would win pretty easily.
    And of course he's current WC in classical, rapid and blitz, and has been multiple times.
    Fischer had to fly across the atlantic ocean to meet the best players, today all the players need is to login.
    Fischer against Magnus would basically be a slaughter, because of the computer lines Magnus would use.

  2. One of the reasons Vishy didn't like the question is because he knows he is not in the top 3

  3. about time people started saying the truth and are not resistant because of political factors….Fischer is without question the strongest human chess player to ever play the game…just who would have beat him in 72?……remember chess strength is not about how long you lasted that is something different…Ali at his best WAS THE BEST……do we say otherwise because he lost fights?
    one blitz tournament survives that Fischer played in NY's Manhatten chess club….Bobby won it with a score of 19 wins and one lose…..never using more than 2 1/2 minutes out of the 5 minute time control….as best i remember it…history buffs can correct me if i am wrong…

  4. He avoided to claim his photo to be shown among those titans. I think he deservedly could have done so.

  5. For now it would be Alpha Zero on this planet.

  6. This is the kind of answer you want to give on stupid questions posed during early schooling, but for some reason some idiots think all questions are well posed :p.

  7. Bobby Fischer was the greatest. The things he was able to do in such a short time were unparalleled. Obviously longevity in the game is what holds him back

  8. The way he gave the answers feels like he missed one more name that's for sure ! But the most Chess lovers know the name at least by now !!

  9. Classic – Test
    Rapid – ODI
    Blitz – T20

  10. Vishy has got to be pretty close to the top.

  11. This is why he is a legend. He simply didnt answer the question but he mentioned 3 names Fischer, Kasparov and Carlsen. Classy answer. 🙂

  12. Kasparov Kasparov Kasparov the greatest of all time

  13. When you say greatest it means he will dominate regardless of format or computer assistance. Thats Magnus and Kasparov

  14. When you look at it based on sporting achievement, Kasparov is clearly the best. He took on all comers for fifteen years–including Karpov in his prime, himself one of the all time greats–consistently came out on top, and then kept doing it for another five years after losing his title. Nobody else has done that. Maybe Fischer would have, but he basically walked away from the game in a snit.

  15. It's hard to not say Fischer when you actually do your research and see his results, the dude was an absolute beast, he dominated the entire chess world by a REALLY big gap of skill and talent. He was so good that often people doesn't know how to classify his "style" of chess, it looks like he always looked for the absolute best move, not mattering if was solid, aggressive, weird, crazy, he just looked for the best moves, . It's a such a shame he ended his career so soon and in the way he did

  16. Imagine if Fischer has access to nowadays chess and study the engine

  17. Best chess player ever is sitting next to Anand

  18. What a decent and patient answer to a ridiculous question. Vishy never losing his style.

  19. What is wild is that between Kasparov, Carlsen, and Vishy, Vishy is the only one to have actually met Fischer in person.

  20. Without a doubt this is the top 5 list –

    Bobby Fisher
    Garry Kasparov
    Magnus Carlsen
    Vishy Anand
    Anatoly Karpov

  21. If Fisher had the the stuff we have today… That's a guy most chess players would've hated playing against…
    But the same can be said about Morphy or Capablanca and many, many others!

  22. Vishy understands Bobby Fischer: Fischer is most talented, not necessarily greatest.

    Like now Magnus is greatest currently, but Wesley is most talented currently.

    Chess = great

    #9LX = talent

  23. I certainly feel Fischer is the best. Garry and Magnus in my opinion are just next compared to Fischer. As Vishy said, Fischer was the incredible computer like player. In fact, I can spit out two more guys- Mikhail Botvinnik and Capablanca. These guys also play computer like game.

  24. Well. If I was Anand and I exactly played the same games as Anand and achievements, I can include myself as one great player lmao.

  25. The greatest Chess player of all time is SHAKUNI MAMA.

  26. Magnus makes masterpieces in rapid. The purest natural talent.

  27. Anand himself is one of the greatest of all time if not the greatest …. 5 time world champion if magnus would have appeared 5-6 year later on globe he would have won more Championship for sure . and this age also he is able to beat top players . Magnus may be the greatest of all time eventually he will break 2900 ratting mark .

  28. 1. Stockfish 16; 2. Stockfish 15; 3. AlphaZero 🙈

  29. I'd say Anand is equivalent to Morphy for he trailblazed chess for a country that never had a GM.

  30. Anand explains to everybody why the goat business makes no sense, but people here continue to discuss – the goat business.

    I for my part cannot even say who between Lasker, Capablanca and Alekhine was the most important chess player, even though their careers overlapped. Each of them was exceptional in his own way, and contributed to chess in ways that the other two did not. They also peaked at different times – each of them was at some point clearly the best chess player in the world – and played different styles, which are studied and discussed to this day.

    The most one can say in my opinion is that there were 10 chess champions or so in the modern age who stood out relative to their peers – Morphy, Steinitz, Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine, Botvinnik, Fischer, Karpov, Kasparov, Carlsen. One may add a few more more.

    But that’s really it.

  31. Vishy Anand on Best Chess Player Ever :….its HIM : Vishy Anand THE BEST !!!

  32. Gm Vishy was great but no where close to these 3 legends or shall we the say elites of chess. – Fischer, Kasparov and Magnus

  33. I don't think it's that hard of a question. Consider the modern era with computers and modern theory. Fischer and Kasparov are still close to Magnus. Now imagine Fischer and Kasparov with modern theory and computers. Would they be worse considering what we know about their work ethic? Probably not.

  34. Anand is playing since the days of tal, Karpov.. still he is top 10 in the world at 53 😮 just saw his performance in levitov.. It's remarkable

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