Typical 300 Elo Chess Game

Typical 300 elo chess, NOT baka mitai.

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  1. As someone who's rank is literally rock bottom on one account and heading there on the other, i am interested to watch this video.

  2. As someone who is rated 300 there should be a accidental brilliant move that they don’t see

  3. I didnt think it was possible for this elo to exist but watching this is so painful to watch…

  4. reminds me of the time i played against a new person online and moved my queen next to his king (unprotected, was intended to be a hang to even the field) but then they resigned not thinking the king could take the queen lol

  5. Not actually as bad as I thought they would be

  6. Subscribed as soon as I heard you say Exodia

  7. Levy commentating on this game as if it's some grandmaster world championship finale is comic genius actually

  8. Y’all idk what to do I’m stuck in 300 elo
    Idk where to start learning 😭

  9. Nice to see green representation in chess.

  10. I just started playing online yesterday and now I know how my games look to other people

  11. As an amature, i love how he explains the openings in chess-terms. Makes me feel better about my stupidity.

  12. I'm a veteran of the stumbling into mates, but I'm not the one mating, unfortunately.

  13. The art of a three hundred well yes I can capture three hanging pieces with check but no I’m going to undevelope my Queen -random 300 white player 2021 well now my knight is hanging so instead of wasting my opponents move and attacking the center In a battle that I will win but I’ll carelessly attack the Queen and give it the perfect opportunity to capture both of my knights but I got tunnel vision so hopefully he will forget… yes! He undeveloped his Queen but what do I do this turn I think I’ll just forget about my knight it took like 3 turns to battle over it it’s not worth it and I know that I should practice because I see these bad moves in my analysis and after I do them or I practice a simple opening (mate with Queen and bishop) I’m just too lazy to not blunder all of my pieces -random 300 black player 2021

  14. I love how those 300 elo players are miles ahead of me, a 1200 elo player

  15. I am convinced that you have to have some kind of mental deficiency to be at 300 Elo. Like seriously.

  16. Am 330 and I guarantee you, this is NOT how we play.
    I have won against 430 rated which sucks but is the best I've had

  17. I'm trash at chess, but FUCK THE QUEEN PLAY HURT MY SOUL

  18. The dummy opportunity wasting white vs the Chad blundering pieces and winning the game black

  19. entertaining video but why the use of the pepefrogs in the thumbnail? levy in case you didn't know, that's long since been co-opted as an antisemitic/white supremacist symbol…please don't use that anymore

  20. I’m probably gonna hit 100 no trolling I just lose to everyone

  21. As the game progressed the more I understood that they were 300 elo

  22. As a former 300 ELO player I have to say, these players are the best of us

  23. I died when he said he must be setting up the board for the next game

  24. as a person who was 300 only 2 weeks ago… these people are so f**king good bro HOW?!?!

  25. There should be a tournament where YouTube cant habe higher accuracy than 50%

  26. I love when he explains the thought process of a 300 as if they know what a Vienna is or any opening when he goes “maybe they just weren’t prepared for a Vienna and wanted to avoid that”🤣🤣🤣we are just clicking buttons bro

  27. "Maybe he wanted to play the Van Geet opening."

    "Maybe he just wasn't well prepared in the Vienna."

    Actual thoughts: "Can I move this piece here?"

    Source: That's about my elo.

  28. Its almost like he were doing a challenge where you have to lose the rooks

  29. Rules are different for 300 ELO- if someone hangs a piece you HAVE to hang a piece, Queens can only be taken by other royalty…… so on and so forth. Don't be uncivil

  30. I suck at opening, I just spam kings pawn and hope

  31. Bro im 337 and no game is like this. All my opponents are gm…

  32. My guess both players have memorized a opening, but haven't learned anything past that (at that point of their progress anyway). The multitude of ways white had chance of winning the game and not actually do it was weird. Same with queen trades, if you can take a queen with a pawn I would spend some time to wonder what kind of trap this is before just taking it.

  33. Qd4 is the greatest move I have ever seen personally

  34. 300 ELO makes me feel like a chess genius, and i'm definitely not good.

  35. I feel like black believed that their pieces had plot armor. And somehow they did!

  36. Its so fun to play at low elo I love it but hate it at the same time

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