Twitch Chess Streamers Talk about @SamayRainaOfficial in Botez Bullet Tournament

Watch what Twitch Chess Streamers Talked about Our Samay Raina after He won in Alexandra Botez Bullet tournament .


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  1. Why the heck that girl is on this chess thumbnail bro? That's Cringiest chess thing i ever saw till today.

  2. us time apne bm ka bullet best tha he was good at bullet and j&k gambit,ab j&k gambit milta hi nhi h

  3. How many came after watching the thumbnail ?

  4. Huge respect! Great video man! You earned yourself a sub!❤️👌

  5. Seeing nymn react to him was good two worlds colliding

  6. Robert hess says he is smarter than i am wow!!

  7. 5:53 commentator nahi, hamara dil hai, guru hai, gurrur hai, cutie hai, Poland hai, Azerbaijan hai, spoilt hai

  8. i never thought samay my childhood slang user would get to meet george and sapnap

  9. Yaar koi uss hanging boob wali ka username dedo Jo thumbnail me hai

  10. I came to see Amouranth…. Click bait BC

  11. Watched it again….where was Amournath😂🤦‍♂️

  12. All these guys amazed by Samay
    Imagine them playing with Taniya!
    Game ends in seconds 😂

  13. Samay has so much respect out of India😱💥💥🔥🔥🔥😂🙏🙏

  14. Wo laal baal wali ladki nhi thi video mai 😡 clickbait

  15. The one guy, "I might as well play Magnus Carlsen!"

  16. Respect for Samay at the peak🔥…Ek hi toh dil hai sir kitni baar jeetoge😭❤…

  17. Jab tak Sagar Shah ka hath samay pe rhega koi samay raina ko harane wala paida nhi hoga..

  18. Bhai vo red hair vali ladki to nahi aayi….😂

    why he quit chess??

  20. Samays life time achievement was someone was comparing him with magnus😅😅😅♥️♥️

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