Top 18 Attacking Principles/Concepts In Chess – How To Attack Correctly – How To Sacrifice Pieces!

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0:00 – Intro
0:44 – #1 – Lead in development
2:13 – #2 – Control of center
2:57 – #3 – Exposed enemy king
4:15 – #4 – Basic tactics required
5:20 – #5 – Opposite side castling
7:05 – #6 – Need advantages
8:23 – #7 – Attack specific weaknesses
10:02 – #8 – Have/create open lines
11:41 – #9 – Remove key defenders
13:32 – #10 – Momentum is important
14:45 – #11 – Certain openings are better
15:38 – #12 – Easier to attack than defend
16:48 – #13 – Have enough pieces
18:50 – #14 – Use ALL your pieces
19:09 – #15 – Sacrifice multiple pieces
21:32 – #16 – Doesn’t have to end in checkmate
22:55 – #17 – Have courage
24:20 – #18 – Know common checkmate patterns
24:56 – Example Game


  1. Dude, there's more then 18. Every move equals a whole new Universe. Deep blue understood this a tad better then Garry Kasparov. Hope one day you talk about the Russian who beat deep blue. Yes the computer calculate far much better then then any human on the planet. But Garry Kasparov reminds us we can play any computer and win. Respect.

  2. Nelson is the best teacher I've heard…very clear & on point

  3. Excellent analysis but do carlenson games more

  4. pawn to e5 in the immortal game wasn't played just to get the pawn involved; the pawn is blocking the Queen from defending the g7-square, which was necessary in order to be able to play Nxg7

  5. I've been watching Gotham chess quite frequently in the past month now and your channel frequently for the past week and I can say I have retained more information from your channel than I have total from his.

  6. Can I ask what opening was played in the number 5? The opposite side castling topic…

  7. guy instead of moving the untouched pawns, sac the rook ❀

  8. The bishop in the thumbnail is telling me to kill myself now

  9. Thanks Nelson for this superb lesson. Please link to that immortal game! I'm not sure if you talk about Adolf Anderssen or Ulf Andersson… 😟

  10. So glad I found your channel, super helpful!!!❀

  11. Even with all of this, I am still lost. Lol

  12. Really appreciate ur presentation style …its to the point,easy to remember and doesn't sound overwhelming at all

  13. You are the GOAT Nelson! I really love your way of explanations. No side topics, no BS, just pure chess useful info and tactics. Keep it up this way man πŸ‘πŸΌ

  14. WARNING from my grandson : these principles have exceptions. Sometimes just two pieces in an attack is enough to disrupt enemy coordination, even if not enough to win material or mate. I learned this THE HARD WAY(losing to someone 200 pts lower)

  15. Can’t pawns also be attacking pieces(from my grandson)

  16. in the example game after king d2 there was Nf2 which was clearly winning if the rook moves Ne4 forks the king&queen

  17. 18:25

    Why can’t black get out of the check…

    by doing

    Queen to G5 (taking the knight) ???

  18. 1. Dont attack without a lead in development
    2. don:t attack without control of the center
    3. exposed enemy king
    4. basic tactics skills
    5. opposite side castling leads to attack
    6. don't attack without some advantaage first
    7. look to attack spesific weakness
    8. have/create open lines
    9. remove key defender
    10. use momentum
    11. certain openings are better for attacking players
    12. in pratice, it is easier to attack than defend
    13. you have enoigh piecestoattack
    14. use all of yout pieces
    15. sacrife multiple pieces
    16. a good attacker has courage
    17. know tge mosf common checkmate patterns very well

  19. At 28:30, Nc7 threatens to win one rook, because if not, then Nd5 wins the queen. Is that a valid option?

  20. The real chess game knowledge sharing account. Most of account just attract with sacrifice materials and win trick.

  21. Principle 17 is a good one, especially in a situation where game clock pressure becomes a factor for one or both players.

  22. My biggest crime in attacking is in my enthusiasm to forget that I'm leaving a piece or a square unguarded. I'm attacking two pieces simultaneously! What are you going to do about that, smart guy? Uh, I think you overlooked something…

  23. Nice brilliant this idea nelson great

  24. Seru juga nih buat diterapin saat main catur. Mengerti prinsip serangan dan konsepnya itu penting banget. Ngga heran kalo sering liat pemain hebat sacrifiecein bidak. Tapi tetep, harus hati-hati jangan malah bikin buntu sendiri, hehe.

  25. Great video!
    Immediatly subscribed!πŸ‘

  26. I like your channel and follow it constantly because you do a good thing. Congratulations!
    However, I see that you (like many others in fact) make a confusion between lines and columns. The lines are on the Ox axis and the columns on the Oy axis. So, the lines are on 1,2,3 … 8 and the columns on a,b …h.
    Regarding openings and advantages, I, as a correspondence chess player, can tell you 100% that if you risk a variant (which on the board would pay off based on the opponent's miscalculation) it would be disastrous in correspondence.
    Stefan from Romania

  27. 17:08 "… and one other major piece, so like a knight, or a bishop, or a rook …" A knight and a bishop are minor pieces, not major pieces.

  28. Nelson:
    One of the most confusing aspects of chess for me is that I’m always reluctant to make a move that will immediately be taken back or captured by my opponent. I can imagine this ahead of time, and imagine one or two moves further, but my mind can’t keep up with so many possible moves that wil/might be coming. Is there a way to practice thinking ahead? It’s the most difficult part of chess for me. Tyvm. RJohnson

  29. So if I hang my queen I'm really courageous, and not clinically retarded?

  30. Thanks a lot for this informative video and the good that one can understand chess concepts better an better !! 🌹

  31. Can someone reply me a all principles

  32. Awesome finish – and i have to say, you’re without doubt, the best chess coach on the internet. You’ve helped my game .

  33. Not long ago I had a really beautiful checkmate where I sacrificed my bishop for two pawns, sacrificed the rook to deflect his queen from defending checkmate, the queen didn't take so I doubled up my rooks threatening to sacrifice my rook with check with unavoidable checkmate on the next move he offered an exchange of Queens so it was a backrank with my pieces Qg6, Rd8. His pieces Qg7,Kg8

  34. why would he play Kf1, after Kg1 i dont see no mate thats why i was confused

  35. Simply u r the king πŸ‘‘ of chess … Very much liked ur video

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