Top 10 Highest Paid Chess Players

Hikaru goes over the prize money for the highest paid chess players

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  1. $6,120 in 2020 still more than my lifetime earnings in chess 😀

  2. I cannot describe how much I like the first sentence being: "So this is the top 10." Followed by a sheet of the actual top 10. Just great!

  3. El que no entiende ni pipa paro igual lo ve

  4. 2021 has been a great year for top players, anish has almost earned what he earned 2020 in half of 2021

  5. Magnus and Hikaru most probably make a lot more than that. Magnus owns a whole company and Hikaru earns the most through sponsorship

  6. Congratulations on a 1 Million Subscribers!!!❤️💯🔥

  7. Get those juicers get those cases full of cash and cigars

  8. Chess I love you ty for paying the greats a dollar for each Elo rating point. It’s what they deserve

  9. I don't understand this guy. He's so arrogant but he's never made World Champion in Classic so what's going on?

  10. none of these guys would accept a cheque

  11. Hikaru's chess earnings just help him pay his streaming and endorsements taxes.

  12. This list would look real different if it accounted for content creation, donation and sponsors

  13. @10:46, Hikaru obviously hasn't heard of purchasing power parity… for eg, Koneru Humpy at No:16 earned $45K in 2020; which can buy about the same things in India (where she stays) that someone living in US can buy for ~ $160K.

  14. Ye not paying as good as football I see, still though 50k a year is more than enough for anyone (rest is just extra). "Norwegian football stars" wearing 100k rolex clocks and they would never make a club that would be able to play real football in a real league like premier league in their life, stupidity.

  15. does hikaru make more money playing competitively or streaming/YT?


  17. Hikaru please play Evans Gambit in the crypto cup tournament 🙏🙏🙏 Good luck! I hope you win..

  18. Hikaru should check out the CMeeCraft stalemate

  19. Why are there so many Vishy bootlickers here. You Indians need to chill.

  20. It's pretty crazy that as a normal guy with a normal job, I'd be in the top sixteen earners over the last four years. Being a chess pro is fucking rough.

  21. well top chess players make a lot of their money from other sources than just tournament winnings. things like teaching/coaching/chess courses, exhibitions, appearance fees, playing for clubs, some sponsorships (chesscom, chess24, etc.), etc. the players who made < 10K obviously don't only live off that.
    anyway regardless, yeah playing chess competitively in itself is probably difficult to make a living if you're only considering money strictly from tournaments.

  22. Hard to tell if it's "wrong" that screaming can grant more than price pools. The first intuitive thought is always "yes, competitive and winning big events should be #1 because those are the hardest challenges and most prestige"…

    But on the other hand being a big streamer means two things.

    1. Higher reach for your sponsors
    2. Probably more value for the society as well, as we benefit way more from all this content in Twitch and YouTube than from some events

    So I'd even say that being a big streamer is totally fine. It also everyone's own decision to skip such new opportunities.

  23. Vishy anand even nihal sarin have sponsors though

  24. I think chess players now have diversified streams of incomes through sponsors,prize money OTB and online ,chessable courses,books etc

  25. And that’s without the YouTube and twitch sponsorships. Insane

  26. Hikau has said in the past that magnus makes 2-3 mill every year and no other player earns more than 1 mill

  27. These numbers are prize money right? Because Magnus earns a lot more from the play magnus app and other stuff..

  28. the comment about tax, drugs and escorts is sending me, never change twitch, never change

  29. Note: this is only for tournaments tho. What isn’t included is sponsorship , Chess courses , chess tutorship (most of them have schools/academy) so I won’t say most are doing badly . Also Players from countries that aren’t famous in chess their only gms would probably be given compensation I’m not sure

  30. Thank god for Twitch, sadge for Naroditsky who's a great player but not on the top.

  31. It's sad that Magnus and the rest make less then like the worst professional baseball players.

  32. So Hikaru is around the 20th best in Elo but the 3 in earnings or the last 4 years and second best last year? That’s weird. It should be related.

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