Top 10 Greatest Chess Players of All Time #chess

This video is a countdown of the Top 10 Greatest Chess Players of All Time, based on their achievements and impact on the game. Chess has been captivating people for centuries with its strategy and skill, and these players have made their mark on the game in various ways. The list includes Alexander Alekhine, Mikhail Tal, Emanuel Lasker, Vladimir Kramnik, Mikhail Botvinnik, Anatoly Karpov, Jose Raul Capablanca, Bobby Fischer, Magnus Carlsen, and Garry Kasparov. The video provides an overview of each player’s style of play, significant contributions to the theory of chess, and major achievements in their careers. This video is perfect for chess enthusiasts looking to learn more about the game’s history and the greatest players of all time.

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  1. Based on fans popularity and exposure Anand is the greatest

  2. Gpw Bernard Rementilla, Chairman/CEO, World Center for Ocean Power &Energy Research ..WC-OPER-GTDI says:

    Robert James Fischer; or, Bobby Fischer to his friends in the Chess World, is – to me – the World Chess Champion GENIUS of the world chess champion geniuses – of all time. How come? Why?

    Fischer Thinking Chess System embraces
    * The combined "prodigious chess thinking" of:
    Emanuel Lasker
    Jose Raul Capablanca
    Mikhail Tal. And,

    * The subtle original mathematical thinking of:
    Isaac Newton
    Leonhard Euler
    Carl Friedrich Gauss
    James Clerk Maxwell,
    GF Bernhard Riemann; and that of
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


    Despite all his faults as a 'human being', he lives in his own human capacity in quest for INNER truth, beauty & goodness of life in the context of humanity of a true world peace to find the heart of true human joy – which to his mind & soul, he could do it humbly in the arts & science of Chess by his own talents & genius – showing to the World he loves that, again, despite being son of broken family, & a high school dropout in his limited capacity to live normal schooling life as much as he still lives at peace with everyone, and to Michael TahL [ who is his chess close friend; and to Philippine Chess Legend. The 1st Asian Chess Grandmaster in 1972, at age: 22 yrs old! And In 2021, Eugene Torre was inducted into the World Chess Hall of Fame. He served as Bobby Fischer's second in the 1992 match against Boris Spassky in Yugoslavia. that is, Eugene Torre is Fischer closest friend in the Chess World, up to the time Fischer sadly expired on January 17, 2008, Fischer & GM Torre had been communicating from hearts of brothers on Earth], yes, despite all these facts & most unfortunate events in his life, still & yet still, it remains that:

    Robert James Fischer is the Greatest Chess Champion Genius of all time on Earth
    – whose human heart & soul of a child has long been wishing a World of True Peace; dreaming a World of True Humanity – from the core of his heart & greatest innermost dream of his most suffering spirit filled with more than 2,785 WHY's and Why's and why's …

    Thank you all; thank you Booby, RIP. Gpw Bernard Bautista Rementilla

  3. 1st place was and is and will be Bobby Fischer

  4. Chess is the best game ever made. Nothing else comes close.

  5. Interesting fact about Kasparov. He says when he lost the match against IBM computer in 97 it been his first loss. At all.

  6. lasker held title for 27 yrs THAT ACHIEVEMENT CANNOT BE IGNORED he should be in top 3 JUST SAYIN!!!!

  7. Horrendous pronunciations of the player's names. The narrator has never played chess.

  8. Paul Morphy must be mentioned. Won in every competition, was the far more strong than any other of his time. Also worth mentioning the fist world champion. Steinitz developed a theory of positional game.

  9. If the 19th century counts, I would include Morphy and Steinitz at the expense of Tal and Kramnik. Other than that this is a plausible list in terms of the players it includes, the order can be argued forever. Honorable mention goes to Anand and Smyslov, even though they maybe would be just outside the top 10.

  10. 1. Paul Morphy
    2. Mikhail Tal
    3. Boby Fisher
    4. Magnus Carsen
    5. Gary Kasparov

  11. bobby fischer #3 and kasparov #1 ?? are you NUTS

  12. where is paul morphy? heres the actual list:

    3. paul morphy
    2. magnus carlsen
    1. bobby fischer

  13. I agree with the Top 3. I think the best measure of greatness is the point difference of the No.1 Player with the median of the next top 100 players of his time and for how long he holds it. Kasparov has been on top by way more than 120 pts with the rest of the fields while Carlsen only about 60pts. and Fischer about 70pts.

  14. Kramnik is there. But not Anand? How much did that w**d cost?

  15. 10-Anand

  16. Anna Cramling should be in there somewhere.

  17. I agree with the top three. Anand should be here though. And, as others have stated, Morphy and Steinitz need a mention at least.

  18. Timóteo Osvaldo Bongue Sambogue Sambogue says:

    Mikhail Tal is the best chess ever played…

  19. I think you forget V.anand because ❤ of love for america and russia

  20. lol no one is talking about vishy? this list is not that much accurate.. vishy should be in the top 10 list

  21. TOP 5
    1. Paul Morphy
    2. Bobby Fischer
    3. Garry Kasparov
    4. Magnus Carlsen
    5. Me. 😀

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