Top 10 Best Chess Players. FIDE Rating 1967-2020. Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov and others

Chess rating worldwide leaders.
World Chess Federation’s ranking stats, according to Elo rating system.
Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov, Bobby Fischer, Anatoly Karpov, Fabiano Caruana, Ding Liren, Viswanathan Anand, Vladimir Kramnik, Veselin Topalov, and many others best chess players.
FIDE Rating:
From 2000 to present:
From 1967 to present:


  1. Garry Kasparov is playing a real game on the world stage now, taking on Vladimir Putin, and that's the most impressive feat of them all.

  2. Magnus is probably the GOAT as he is still playing and in a much harder field due to the bots. I think Magnus at his best would win vs the others as he knows the openings better (due to bots) and he is the strongest in endgames.

  3. Карпов – легенда 25 лет в топ 3!

  4. Didn't knew there was a fellow serb in top ten, kinda cool.

  5. A clear line of succession from Fischer to Kasparov to Carlsen. Once they showed up, they stayed above(and beyond) until they left(ave)

  6. video is a complete mess about years, flags and nationality: before 1991 there were no Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia but only Jugoslavia. USSR collapsed in 1991, but in the video it's written URS after this year or RUS with soviet flag. Judith Polgar is hungarian, but it's written URS, Shirov is latvian, but flag is spanish.

  7. Alexei Shirov is not LAT it's SPA from Spain


  9. Bobby Fischer was the greatest chess player of his time and it is unfair to compare him with past and present greats since that is an impossibility from any point of view, realistically speaking.

  10. I just …came to see how ridiculous the video is, knowing very well the rating of some of these guys in the late 60s and specially early 70s, I can guarantee you it's WRONG.

  11. Carlsen and gasparov are the greatest of all time in chess history

  12. For Alexei Spiros you write Latvia but put then Spanish flag.

  13. The FIDE ratings are like the stock market. The more players there are, the more points are available do the taking. This video is nice but shouldn’t be taken to mean that Carlsen has a higher “rank” than those in the 60s.

  14. Non sense video without taking in account the ELO inflation over the year. The most capable players can't be weaker than topalov or Aronian

  15. Michail Tal: "Oh, you guys forgot me already? Here I am again!"

  16. Не вижу в этом списке Элизабет Хармон и Боргова

  17. why tf did fabiana switch teams like that?? wtf

  18. Stupid click bait. It's crazy to think that Anatoly Karpov stayed at low 2700 during his decade of domination prior to Kasparov.

  19. Adjusted for Elo inflation and Bobby Fischer wins.

  20. I knew Karpov was consistent but damn. 25 years being a top contender, farout.

  21. We all know who is the Final Bossss of this game…..

  22. Funny that when Shirov switched to the ESP flag… it still appeared as 'LAT' XD

  23. Judit Polgár: Hun: Hungary. The only one women in men' category.

  24. Why the Italian guy changed to American flag?

  25. The fact that Mikhail Botivinnik was in top 8 even when he was 60 years is unbelievable.

  26. if you follow closely you can see that Alexei Shrivov who is from Latvia in 4:20/8:25 the Latvian flag changes to spains flag

  27. What happened to Fischer? Was he banned for cheating???

  28. А почему в 2010, Гельфанд под флагом Беларуси?

  29. its not that easy to reach the top , but whats harder is to stay in the top.

  30. Tigran Petrosian, Rafael Vaganian (Vahanian) Levon Aronian🇦🇲

  31. Man and Woman seperated or woman just shit at chess?

  32. Маркус стал достойной заменой для Каспарова и Карпова в шахматной мире👍

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