This is the Lowest Chess Elo…

Shoutout to ChessNuke

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  1. I'm not sure whether to derive hope from this (i.e. the whole "you can be in ELO hell and you're actually not a bad player at all" thing), or use it as fuel for my despair, seeing as it signals that I'll likely never make it out of 500 ELO Hell…

  2. I started playing chess 5 minutes games ended dropping to 100 Elo watched some videos discovered an opening that I liked and actually started winning games.
    But let me say that amount of players who jsut try to scholar mate is actually so crazy

  3. That 150 who thought it was mate and the game froze probably thought he was LUCKY. "Oh well since the game glitched I guess Ill get away with a draw! His game must also be frozen so he has to accept yes?"

  4. Ngl gotham doesn't know how to be that bad so it's kinda funny

  5. Only levy can calculate to play poor moves

  6. Maybe nobody heard of your channel in the 100 elo range because everyone watching your videos become better at chess

  7. This was better than stand-up comedy! I thoroughly enjoyed it!😂

  8. From what ive learned from my chess career is that 400 elo players are normally much worse than 100-200 players.

  9. I remember when I started and was 200 elo now I’m 800

  10. Seeing Gotham play with low ELO players is like watching Gordon Ramsey cook with children

  11. 15:36 but levy, he did wanted to win, he preapared mate with Qd7 ;(

  12. 500 and below is where ppl are good at end but bad in mid or suck at opening.. havent masterd something

  13. Its slon in macedonian too this is how you type it in mkd слон

  14. imagine u just started ur chess career 3 days ago and the first thing that happens is you play against an IM

  15. 13:30 after qc7+ if kxd5 isn't kf4 just a clean fork of all the black pieces 😮
    I guess levy didn't see that
    Edit:after connecting to watch the video qc7+ forced a fork to all the black pieces

  16. Omg he said deep dark! Everybody sneak!!!!!

    (If you know you know)

  17. Before i quitted chess (think a was around 200 too), i didnt really know how to use the chat or watch my elo, so i dont think it is very surprising that they didnt a swer you, also, i still dont know how to watch my elo, how do i do it?

  18. Chess is originated from India, and in Indian language, Queen is basically king's coleader called "Pradhan" knight is simply horse, bishop is camel called "Unth" and rook is elephant called "Hatthi". Prity intresting to share…!

  19. Big ego hit, no one watches Gotham chess 😂😂

  20. the dudes proud moment reaction after they literally make the most obvious move

  21. As a crappy Chess player, the one think that I understood early, was how bad someare in endgame.. been many times down massive, and still save a draw.. once against 4 Queens🤣

  22. I like how Levy randomly says Russian words

  23. Why does 100 elo chess seem smarter than 500 elo chess

  24. Levy if they watched you they would be 1500+

  25. I just resigned a bunch of times until I got to 100 ELO and I still lose every match down there

  26. Imagine being 100 elo, losing a game to GothamChess, going to GothamChess' youtube channel (without knowing its him) to get better and running into this video.

  27. I love how he gets so impressed when the low elo players notice something😊

  28. His win was getting stalemates 😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Faith restored in humanity watching this, so nice giving these beginners respect

  30. Did not even know anything below 800 existed lol super low level chess is like another metaverse on its own

  31. This video takes trolling on a whole other level..well done sir

  32. This 200 actually play better than the average 800s lol

  33. Damn im 146 elo and I'm not even that blind like the 201 elo guy 💀

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