This is the Lowest Chess Elo…

Shoutout to ChessNuke

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  1. Some people at this lo actually don’t know the chat exists so that may be why they are not responding

  2. I love how during the last game he physically reacts to his queen being taken like it actually surprised him

  3. Gotham watching someone 200 elo make the slightest smart move: whaaat 🤨🤨🤨🤨

  4. Your reactions to low elo people making half decent moves is hilarious 😂 Even tho I’m a low elo noob myself lol

  5. The way he talks about these ppl games makes me feel like Im REALLLY talented. "Does he see that he can take the queen? He saw it! YEAAAH" 😂😂😂

  6. that stalemate was impressive!! fair play gtham

  7. he is india he don't understand english

  8. Why is there always an awkward pause at the start of every video of this guy😂

  9. The problem with low level players is they can play an opening well and play a mid game well but they just can’t checkmate

  10. @GothamChess , can u play with me.. am not 100 though, am around 1600

  11. This is what everyone do, high rated play with low elo. That’s the reason i am not getting out of 1100

  12. Wait Im confused. Did they change the elo you start at recently? I started on 900 iirc and that was more or less 3 weeks ago

  13. so depressing, i started getting a tad obsessed. And bounce back to 100 more often then i like… 😂

  14. I am Kazakh but speak Russian, I laughed when you said SLON

    In thr next time you can say PESHKA – pawn, LADIYA – rook and KON – knight

  15. maybe they play on phone, I don't see any chat and emote on phone app

  16. Gotham couldnt become a grandmaster so he decided to bully 100 elos

  17. if these guys are 100-200 I should just give up chess. I won't though, because I enjoy pain.

  18. 1:12 I played that guy still hasn’t improved lol I’m in 600 elo now

  19. Something about myself as a new player, for the LIFE of me I can not see 2-6 moves checkmate 💀 like- I’m tryingggg but I just can’t see them, sometimes I can’t see 1 move and checkmate, it’s literally the one thing I need to get better at or else I will be stuck 660 forever

  20. 2nd guy was about to win until u did forced draw😢

  21. Levy: Gives free material
    Also Levy: Will they see it?

    Reminds me when you feed a fish or something and then turns adn eats the food 17:55

  22. I thought I might be around 300, but after the first game, I think I might be 30 XD

  23. I hate that no legal moves is a Draw … it should just skip the turn, or something … I almost won a few times only for that to happen, and it's infuriating. XD

  24. Levyyy, I played chess like last year but then quit bc my brain was very tiny, then I started to play again like last month, but my elo is still stucked at 150-200

  25. It's really nice how you don't see at 23:40 that low elo is also sometimes just mean. Your opponent was in a bad position and though he was going to loose, so he offers you a draw as a deal to not waste your time until he gets kick for not playing.

  26. Nah bro I’m stuck in elo hell and absolute trash

  27. Ben Finegold said it often, the difference between him and a 1000 player is mostly that the lower rated player can play 20 moves in a row that are all theory. But they'll eventually blunder and he won't, so he win.

    I like this explanation, because it is true you can easily play the opening correctly. Do the basic stuff like develop all your pieces in logical places and not hang anything. But once it comes to forming a logical plan to attack and gain advantages, you fall apart instantly.

  28. I guess they are at 100 because they are good until the endgame, then they don't see a checkmate and even disconnect, thus never win, only draw or lose.

  29. New game type, try to get stalemated first.

  30. i am a player rated 118 win =65/ draw =11/ lose -0

  31. very funny levy calling my elo the lowest elo

  32. Player 1 ELO 100 – Levy: "He is actually really good"
    Player 2 ELO 900 – Levy: "How can he not know every opening in the game????"


  33. not all >400 elo players are absolute garbage, some just happened to be on a loose streak

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