This Game MADE HISTORY For 17-YEAR-OLD Gukesh

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  1. I'm so sad for them, these two won the candidates before but were stopped by final boss magnus, Ian had an incredible fight ding but missed it by an inch , after this tremendous effort of going undefeated in the face of defeat
    He made the complications needed to not lose against fabi and tried his best to win it but couldn't

    These two are very deserving of the title of world champion but they haven't gained it , pain of the game
    Sometimes you can't get what you deserve

  2. Well, preemptively congratulating Gukesh for winning World Championship and being the youngest world champion

  3. I'm a Gukesh fan, and was hoping for a drawing. But this was a heartbreaking game to watch.. the closing moments of it was just so devastating, though it was the result I was hoping for all night

  4. Fabi has winning goog chances but he blundered 2 times in the match

  5. Гукеш показал всем кукиш )

  6. Fabi and Ian are still not that old. They will be back again in the next two candidates in 2026 and 2028. Fabi definitely. Ian needs to be a bit more consistent in other tournaments

  7. Nepo is such a beast. It's super exciting to see a 17 year old win but I really hope Nepo gets a fourth try at the candidates. He is an incredible, creative, and exciting player.

  8. One question tho, Why are currys so triggered in the comments?Something happened?💀

  9. Imagine what happens if Nepo resigned to push Caruana through

  10. Я не заметил как что-то произнёс словами, как Фабиано предложил ничью?

  11. He made history by himself with his performance.

  12. Lol 😅 The way Fabi looks at Ian's hand ✋️

  13. Nepo vs Gukesh would have been more amazing

  14. In a funny way, USA(fabi) and Russia(nepo) compete eachother, either i win or we both go down… In the gap India(gukesh) and China(ding) emerge victorious 😂… Not talking about world politics 😂

  15. Nepo is my second, after Magnus, magnificent player

  16. I wanted nepo to win against fabiano

  17. I mean they could have rock paper scissored for it.

  18. Nepo is great I hope to see him win the candidates again. It was a great tournament, very pleased with everything and how it went on. Good luck to Gukesh

  19. 1st Theory: Magnus & Hikaru cheated in the 2023 grand swiss and the 2024 Candidates.

    PartA – Grand swiss:
    Alexey Sarana beat Wesley So in the 2023 world cup and then a week later Magnus and Hans settled… And then soon after Alexey loses to Hans and then blocks Hans. Wesley and Hans are 2 members of the axis of evil. This is how Magnus recruited Alexey to be part of the allies of evil. Then Magnus instructed Alexey to throw to Hikaru in the 2023 grand swiss so Hikaru would qualify for the 2024 candidates.

    PartB – Candidates:
    Then Magnus & Hikaru instructed the arbiter to distract Alireza hence why Alireza lost to Hikaru the 2nd time. I'm not sure if Nijat is part of the allies of evil though.


    2nd Theory: Nepo, Fabi, Hikaru drew because they think Liren will drop or be bought out so they can play for 2nd place. In particular, Nepo & Fabi think FIDE won't just choose Hikaru because on score tiebreakers.


    Good guys vs Bad guys

    – Axis of Evil (Good guys?)

    wesley so, hans niemann, bobby fischer, sergey karjakin, vlad kramnik, ian nepomniachtchi, alireza firouzja, fabiano caruana, levon aronian, viktor korchnoi, pal benko, mikhail tal, amin tabatabaei, gukesh dommaraju, maxime vachier-lagrave, nodirbek abdusattorov, vidit gujrathi, andrii baryshpolets, vishy anand, jan-krzysztof duda, vladimir fedoseev, lichess, walter tevis, max pomeranc, chesscube, Sergey's hypothetical pure 9LX parallel, PCAP, 9LX, christopher yoo, gata kamsky, sam sevian, leela, ferdinand marcos sr, ben johnson of perpetual chess podcast(?), elon musk(?), nikhil kamath, bibi netanyahu, ben shapiro, mustafa barghouti, donald trump, tristan & andrew tate

    – Allies of Evil (Bad guys?)

    magnus carlsen, hikaru nakamura, garry kasparov, daniil dubov, veselin topalov, liren ding, aryan tari, abhimanyu mishra, tigran l petrosian, tigran v petrosian, paul keres, efim geller, parham maghsoodloo, pranav venkatesh, sébastien feller, vincent keymer, pentala harikrishna, arkady dvorkovich, peter heine nielsen, richárd rapport, alexey sarana, ches***m, fred & josh waitzkin, PCA, FIDE, NCFP, chess1, andrew tang, alejandro ramirez, sam shankland, stockfish, prospero pichay jr, lex fridman(?), mark zuckerberg(?), sumner redstone, ariel sharon, alan dershowitz, bassem yousef, george bush jr & sr, piers morgan

    – axis of evil (female) (good girls?)

    tingjie lei (or paikidze), janelle frayna, dina belenkaya, lotis key, carissa yip (or sara khadem), irina krush, robbi jade lew

    – allies of evil (female) (bad girls?)

    wenjun ju, bella khotenashvili, andrea botez, leny so, atousa pourkashiyan – nakamura, jennifer yu, nemo zhou

    – maybe slightly axis:

    agadmator but idk antonio radić kinda likes magnus

    – maybe slightly allies:

    gothamchess but idk levy rozman kinda likes wesley

    Note: They correspond.
    Wesley Vs Magnus
    Bobby Vs Garry
    Hans Vs Hikaru
    Christopher Yoo Vs Andrew Tang
    Dina Vs Andrea

    More info:

  20. Not only is Ian a great chess player, he is the most fun to watch when playing because of his body language

  21. It's kind of interesting, you can see them both thinking: "Yeah this a draw, should we draw? We should probably draw".

  22. Nepo is a fighter man the position looked so ugly after 15-20 moves still he managed to stop fabi.. This is the most legendary tournament i have ever watched

  23. I didn't realize that it would be so emotional for Ian😢

  24. I am glad that Russia failed, there is no chance he is not Putinist asshole, otherwise he would leave Russia in terror.

  25. I really feel sad for Nepo 😢 He is a legend in candidates. He didn't loose a single game.

  26. Wow what a title for video. Gukesh earned it man don’t feel jealous

  27. The Russian and American grandmasters allowed the Indian one to win the tournament

  28. Nepo is insane. He has played 3 candidates. Lost 2 games (to Maxim and Ding in the first tournament). Two games in 3 candidates, Carl…Against the absolute strongest chess players in the world

  29. If I was in Ian's place I wouldn't even compete in a tournament that doesn't allow me to compete under my national flag.

  30. What a sad caption! Gukesh wrote himself in the history books.

  31. It wasn't this moment, the moment that made the history was 17 yo Gukesh winning the previous match. That's what sealed the faith and a deserving victory for the youngest Candidates winner.

  32. Gukesh was borned in Malaysia. His dad is a Malaysian too

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