This Country Has ONLY 5 Chess Players

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  1. Gabon, a country along the Atlantic coast of Central Africa, has significant areas of protected parkland. The forested coastal terrain of its famed Loango National Park shelters a diversity of wildlife, from gorillas and hippos to whales. Lopé National Park consists of mostly rainforest. Akanda National Park is known for its mangroves and tidal beaches.

  2. I will admit that I would've never guessed that as the flag of Gabon. Also admit I don't play FIFA.

  3. Seeing that "where is Gabon" and "who is Gabon" were said. I feel obligated to say:
    "Ill do you one better:

    Edit: And yes, I do know where Gabon is im a geography nerd. And even I didn't recognize the flag as Gabon. So yeah chat is lying.

  4. as a person who use to play fifa that is gabon thank you Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

  5. Bro even if they did look it up, no one said they knew beforehand. Levi just has to be a dick to his chat it's like a prerequisite for the stream lol

  6. I actually did think this was Gabon, but the only reason is because I used to play fifa, all fifa does is give you flag knowledge

  7. Have you played a Martian? (from the planet, not the country)

  8. firstly, uzbekistan is white in the middle, gabon is yellow. it's not hard to see. secondly – pierre-emerick aubameyang. look it up mf

  9. Gotham geography or something. Impressed that chat knew more than Levy

  10. first click bait…now shitting on the community that supports you. censoring your material so it can be viewed by children, then teach them how to spit venom and be assholes instead of respecting other people….weird strat. now ive unsubbed from 2 of your channels =(

  11. thank you for inspiring me to learn more about gabon today levy

  12. I know to much about flags and I for a matter of fact could tell that this is Gabon so don't tell me it's not possible if multiple people did see it

  13. on god fifa got me knowing every flag in the world

  14. I instantly knew it was Gabon flag, there is a famous football player Aubameyang from that country and in general people who has played FIFA ultimate team has a good knowledge on flags.

  15. He played Levon Gabonian and won twice. Good for him.

  16. 9:36 Gotham you had queen takes knight, if pawn takes rook takes rook is checkmate..

  17. If u have slight knowledge of FIFA u know there is player called Aubameyang from Gabon 🗿

  18. 4:48, white had a chance to go G6 it would be so cool if they did idk if it would be winning but still

  19. Sorry levy you might be a chess master but you know nothing of flags

  20. Some of us play sporcle geography quizzes a hundred times and know where Gabon is

  21. I love how there's a guy desperately screaming in chat "I'M FROM GABON" and even though it's probably absolutely horseshit false, the idea of just this pissed off man playing online chess screaming that you people don't know what you are talking about is just slap-on-the-knee hilarious

  22. Fun how he flagged the opponent while talking about the flag the whole game 😉

  23. Three countries in Africa I had never heard of and Gabon was one.

  24. The fact Uzbekistan 🇺🇿 isnt that close to Gabon 🇬🇦 is funny

  25. Rozman I am disappointed in you. You just continue to showcase not only your arrogance but also ingnorancy. It's fun for the content but now you're just taking it a bit too far. Anyone with some basic geographical knowledge would be able to tell the difference between a Uzbek flag and a Gabonese one, not to mention the "random footballer" called Aubameyang, one of the best strikers in the world at his prime.

  26. lmao I'm a geography nerd, this is hilarious watching him be confused about flags.

  27. Levy has a melt down. Good times.

  28. I know a lot of flags and geography but thats not because im smart im just a little autistic

  29. If youtube titles were jeopardy questions
    "that is correct"

  30. in the second game u missed qxf6 before plying c4

  31. I actually know the Gabon flag because one my friend used to always play with Gabon in some football game. Also I know two Gabonese footballers, Guelor Kanga and Aubameyang

  32. I thought Gabon was a person- 💀

  33. Lol, if you know the flags, you can tell immediately that it's the flag of Gabon.

  34. Yeah Aubameyang was so meta with his pace in FIFA, he's literally the only reason so many people even know Gabon

  35. You know the Gabon flag, if you're into football or autistic.
    I'm both, so recognized the flag immediately.

  36. Gotham's raging over Gabon is so funny

  37. Bro im into flags for years and when i hear or see whot americans are saying and doing im just like levy watching -100 elo chess with over 30 blunders

  38. Mounguen Jose Koumba appears to be Gabon's highest rated at 1923. Looks like they are down to 4 active.

  39. And don't worry Levy, your Twitch chat will get theirs when they graduate from High School. I suspect most will not be going to the Ivy League.

  40. People that know its the Gabon are probably football fans lol

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