the worst openings according to chess players

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  1. 'the worst openings according to chess players'women's openings O_o

  2. Petrosian, Karpov and Spassky are just weird kid answers.

  3. No way he said petrosian and karpov were his favourite players then disliked the caro-kann. Some of their most iconic games were playing the caro-kann

  4. Chess player I don’t recognise 🤝 Nigel Powers.


  6. If I could sacrifice the rook on the first turn. I would.

  7. I dont know how the first guy is a chess player

  8. Think the first guy is flirting with you Alexandra !😅 for the level i’m at the dutch, cause you really need to know the theory and not Many does so they get crushed easily. Have tried it a few times where i’ve practiced the theory. Not sure for White. All i Can say i hate e4. Rating 1400.

  9. Favourite player: IM Dawid Czerw
    Worst for white: Jobava London system
    Worst for black: Damiano's defence

  10. The Caro Kann, London System, and the French are all extremely powerful openings. Your opponent will lose on time as they struggle to stay awake playing against them

  11. 'There are only two things I can't stand in this world: People who are intolerant of other people's cultures….and the Dutch!!'

  12. Why are you faking ur smile and looking at the camera when u talk to him?

  13. Grob has many traps and can be a good option for intermediate players

  14. She: what is the worst opening for white
    Me:botez gambit

  15. a moment of silence for the loss of the video where she asked these same questions to some kids and one of them gave her eeeeMOOOOTIOnal DAAAAmage by saying the French was the worst

  16. Queens Gambit really? Dutch is good too, but Nimzowitsch-Larsen has no point.

  17. I’d say the worst opening that I’ve come across is the wayward queen. Honestly it’s just a free pass to let your opponent develop and punish you straight from the get go.

  18. Na3 / Nh3 was my signature opening with whites. had a 95% loss result.

  19. Its too popular cause its the best opening, just quit chess and get lost

  20. I made it onto a Botez video! My life is complete!

  21. with black the worst opening is clearly the damiano defense

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