The Worst Game I’ve Ever Seen

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The Worst Game I’ve Ever Seen… Until The Next One

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  1. The first 10 minutes- Standard Low-ish gameplay
    10:39– It's time to get funky

  2. This is definitely not the worst game of chess I've seen.

  3. White was up two full rooks, but recognized that it was forced mate in 49 moves and resigned.

  4. This game was made to troll grandmasters 😂

  5. nah this has to be some astronomical odds where both the players are actually the lol brothers of the owner of the accounts, i REFUSE to belive this was a 1400 15 min game

  6. This was just a scew around game. They were playing poorly on purpose.

  7. Bro I'm 1100 but I'm pretty sure that the game we just watched is insane ! Insane!

  8. Today I learned that I can play at a 1400 level.

  9. To be fair, I can see the immediate thought process for the Rd1 blunder. They saw dxc1 as a threat, but they chose to deal with it in literally the worst possible way for no good reason (rating and time meant that this player should’ve known better). I barely know Chess and I could figure this out.

  10. "Let it be known" I'm terrible. I'm about a 900. That's being said, if this is how mid 1000s play then maybe I'm really a NM caliber player 😂

  11. Maybe white missread the clock as 11 seconds remaining, either that or they were playing past their bedtime and hear their mom coming up the stair

  12. Now I am starting to feel like they are a paid actors.

  13. Random Albanian fact: there will soon be more Albanian men in prison in the United Kingdom than Albanian men imprisoned in Albania.

  14. i was up 15 points of material against martin, the worst chess bot
    and then for some ungodly reason moved my knight so his queen just checkmated me in 1
    i never laughed that hard about a masterful failure before

  15. Albania 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 best country

  16. 14:37 That nose twitch in addition to the ending of the video both perfectly represent the amount of unbridled rage he was feeling. Those demons were about to bust through the gates of Hell, and he used ALL his might to keep them shut.

    You can tell bro took this game personally


  18. It's funny actually, because I just played a game against an Albanian guy rating 709 that acted like a 100 Elo player – I took every one of their pieces except pawns in the first like 10 moves

  19. It’s so much easier to watch a game and see things than to be in the game. Reason why I think this- I am watching these games like “wow, I’m so much better than this.” And I’m a 900…. How am I that much worse than them!

  20. Wow, that twist at the end…
    Du du du du, Du du du du.

  21. i was really worried these would be 2500s somehow

  22. me before 15:30: oh well i guess it was just a game between two friends who were 500s playing a classic blitz game

    me after 15:30: fuck.

  23. “Black has, uh, knight dyslexia” had me dying 😂😂😂

  24. Oh my, that ending. I cringed so hard I think I sprained something.

  25. Knowing the rest of this series and the quality of chess being played, it seems a bit prematurely for Levy to have called this game the worst he had ever seen 😂

    Edit: Nevermind, I watched the end and oh good God

  26. This is nothing. I just stalemated my 3 queens against my enemies king which was the only piece left on the board.

  27. "Drove all the way to the beach and went back home"

    Bro pulled out the receipts on that one

  28. You know it's bad when Levi doesn't do a blank face at the start of the video

  29. Every other video Levy says "this is the worst chess game I've ever seen" 😂

  30. So, I’ve been getting back into chess and average around the 1000 rating based on a dozen or so rapid games with ten minutes.

    I hear Levy’s last few sentences of this video and I’m now offended.

  31. How to Lose and guess the Elo??? What’s next, find the checkmate and how to lose?

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