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  1. Accurate representation of 400 elos failing scholars mate

  2. G3 Pawn watching all hell break lose, knowing that his idle was not just the blunder, but the cost of the entire game.

  3. apart from the main content that harry potter nostalgia really hit the spot

  4. Me as a 1100elo player when I lose to a 1600elo one

  5. Levy: "Me attack queen. Me take pawn. Me move queen". Me: "that is a fake game and it is 100% fake". Me (500 elo) vs one of my friends (1200 elo): oh no I blundered a queen and a knight from moving pawns. later oh I found a brilliant move! sacrafices a rook feels smart realizes its a blunder punches myself

  6. White Queen f7, black king d8, white Bishop g5


  7. I dont see the problem here, the elo is so lower than my selfasteem and as soon white moves out his king black will probably blunder mate in 2, if white sees it ofc.

  8. Btw white had mate while losing all his pieces

  9. Bro, the loop looked/sounded like the short was still going

  10. There was a checkmate from white position but whatever

  11. Hey! That is EXACTLY what happens to me. And yes I do complain in that voice….

  12. In the end there is checkmate for black😂😂 all the pieces are gone but i still won the king 😂😂

  13. "and then cry about having a black eye"
    Well that seems Racist 💀

  14. This happened to me today. Any ideas on how to combat this?

  15. It is about to be a scholars mate by white in the last

  16. Best against premovers.
    You just ÑOM ÑOM ÑOM them before they realize

  17. that kid sound make me rolin over on my bed

  18. 😑 yeah I know now off to watch some of your tutorials

  19. I got a queen behind enemy lines and it was just a massacre

  20. Tbf if black doesn't notice it and white does then queen to f7 is checkmate

  21. I saw this video right after I raged on chess

  22. Tell me you are secretly -500 ELO without telling me:
    The guy who played white: observe

  23. Checkmate for black after 2 moves …. queen kill pawn than boom checkmate with black bishop

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