The Tragic Story of the World’s Greatest Chess Player

Bobby Fischer’s rise and tragic fall. Ready to sleep better? You’re 1 click away: – Use code: NEWSTHINK10 for 10% off.

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Created and hosted by Cindy Pom

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Many of the images featured in this video were sourced from Alamy.

Interviews featured in video:
4:43 Carson Tonight Show interview with Bobby Fischer
5:25 CBC interview with Bobby Fischer
10:45 60 Minutes interview with Bobby Fischer

Interviews featured in this video are meant to be used for news reporting and educational purposes and fall within the guidelines of fair use.

0:03 DiscipleofDrax, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons
0:26 Background image: MMZach at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons
2:25 Chess game on right: Morn, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons
Image on left: @FIDE_chess on Twitter
4:24 Image on left: Verhoeff, Bert / Anefo, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons
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7:08 Image of Fischer: Punt / Anefo, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons
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12:32 Punt / Anefo, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons
13:23 Jóna Þórunn, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons


  1. THE CULT owned 'news' media claims Mr. Fisher was mentally unstable…yet what did Mr. Fisher say about THE CULT that wasn't TRUE? NOTHING.
    Joe Magnets

  2. And what's your theory on why women are not good at chess?

  3. Fischer was a very good chess player and a very bad person.

  4. 8:20 how do you lose your sanity and still win against a legend. Some people are so good that they could win under any circumstances.

  5. I wonder if the defense budget funds this channel

  6. When we look back at history. Nearly all of those considered geniuses were socially awkward. When you're smarter than everyone in the room. It's harder to make friends, even find things to talk about.
    Mix that with his upbringing, his mother investigated by the FBI for being a Russian asset. Go on to Play against the might of mother Russia on the side who made your families life a living hell. I'm sure he felt disenfranchised his entire life by his family and country. You end up with an undiagnosed paranoid Schizophrenic. A brain that couldn't solve every problem no matter how brilliant it was.
    I still put Fischer over Magnus who did everything without the help of computers.

  7. Amazing the level of conspiracy and hatred involved in this post. The man was phenomenal at chess, that's it. His life story could honestly be used in a commercial to help with the de-stigmatization of schizophrenia and or other personality disorders. Could even be a wonderful outreach program for people who do feel isolated and scared. As for his contribution….. Yeah more people picked up a chessboard during the 70s and it became quite popular, he might even be the reason I learned how to play chess in pre-school. But overall Savantism would be the best description, massively learned in chess, but lacked much as well. If anyone would like to respond with "how dare you say he had a mental illness, there's no way!!!" Etc etc, well if that's the case and he was sane, then he was just human garbage.. Obviously I didn't address all of the crazy things that he said, but you would hope that it wouldn't be needed.

  8. Cringe. Standard bullshit take on Bobby going insane when he didn't actually. Your ignorance is showing.

  9. His 9/11 comments seem pretty based to me, was he actually anti-semitic or just critical of Israel

  10. this video is completely absurd and clickbait. Given the nature of the cold war his paranoia is not out of bounds. An interview he gave on an airplane on his way to Iceland gave a very clear view on how he saw chess. He was not insane, he was not beyond normal thought, and that you insinuate this, is just a weak attempt to get more views. It is in a way very sad that i am feeding your popularity to the algorithm by replying.

  11. He didn't like jews. That seems very normal to me.

  12. The term 'insane' hasn't been used clinically in 30 years. It doesn't mean anything in psychology although people use it in conversation. What is 'nervous breakdown' mean? That your nerves breakdown? I don't think so. You can't figure out a person's 'disorder' unless you observe and analyze someone for years. I'm sure things in his development contributed to his mental issues, but we'll never know. About his obsession with the environment in which he played, look at baseball batters and pitchers. They are very particular about the light, the dirt, the noise, they pause. Pitcher waves off catcher, etc. Fischer will remain a mystery


  14. He's the goat of chess ♟️ end of story

  15. Disagreeing with the slaughter of Palestinians is antisemitic?

  16. madam
    some are just right, unlike you:) knowingly and maliciously madam.

  17. The US demanded his winnings from beating Spassky a second time.
    And prison time.
    With an IQ that high he wasn’t like everyone else.

  18. This video is misleading, do research and watch interviews from 1992 Bobby wasn't crazy more like in regret after stating he hated chess since there was no creativity, just memorization and preparation

  19. So the CIA did have an actual ongoing file on his mom…

  20. In 2007 Oakleaf was preaching bout the man & I highly doubt he knew what became of the guy because back then youtube wasn’t put on like that. Only for a year later for the guy to be gone:
    & i look into it at 27 lmao.

  21. Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.


  22. Fischer is NOT the greatest chess player! This is another example of American bias. Magnus and Kasparov are by far the top 2 all time. Their dominance was legendary and both reigned world champions for over 10 years. Fischer was world champion for 2. Magnus is still the best player in the world currently.

  23. Just because you don't like his opinions it doesn't mean he is insane

  24. He doesn’t sound insane to me. Not at all! “Spiralling into insanity” seems like a massive exaggeration.

  25. I think as time goes on he will quickly start to look less and less ‘insane’.

  26. Bobby didn't have a problem. You have.

  27. WOW JUST WOW. What do you give the Greatest Chess player ever? A Smear Video Article ! you wicked soy lactating person.
    He wasn't insane! he was poor genius boy who only knew how to play chess. AND he lived his life on his terms! I have Heard of ASIAN expectations but you want too much from him.

  28. For every Bobby Fischer there are countless others seeking his ability that go crazy without getting worldwide attention. Chess was basically nothing to the normal world before Bobby Fischer.

    He of course brought so much money to the game besides all the rest. He was a contemporary of Muhammad Ali who seemed to usher in mega bucks in all sports! There were the Beatles and Bruce Lee!! There was “going ‘round” then…

  29. BF heralded the new day of chess. He was the last of the pre-computer era masters at the very least. Computers changed everything, “ruining chess” or not. No one today can attain his status without computer help. He left us “Fischer Random” to carry on…

  30. His mother was a bit of a quack. Also, the United States government trying to tell him he can't play a chess match is tyranny and nothing more. Utterly ridiculous.

  31. Lmao but the government does exactly what he was paranoid about

  32. what he said about istreali and US helping them to kill no i mean slaughter the Palestinian people was 100% correct and every person knows that .

  33. – Fischer never met his father or even had someone to display a figure for him

    – His relationship with his mother from the very beginning was really cold and distant, the level he was pratically moving away from home at age 13

    – At age 29 living almost 16 years of complete loneliness he became WC and started to be noticed, so much he couldn't handle

    – After years he disappeared, Bobby lost potentials wifes (due his own behaviour), got banned from his own country and dismissed by everyone, painting him as a coward for leaving the WC, and for his comments about 09/11

    Basically in the last years of his life Bobby died alone in a country he didn't belong, with no wife, no kids, no lifelong friends, and not even the proper respect from his own country about what he did, the only legacy he left and dedicated his entire life to it, just tell me how you don't go insane?

  34. And we all followed suit, roughly 2 years ago.

  35. Anti isreali does not equal anti semetic! please use better words next time. idc if other people have called him anti-semite, it's foolish to repeat those claims. he's simply a jewish man who hates the isreaeli government…

  36. That's what chess will do to you. Insane.

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