The Strongest Chess Player You’ve Never Heard Of?

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Salomon Flohr vs Rudolf Pitschak
**Rd–()-, Bilin (1930)
Indian Game: Knights Variation. General (A46)

1. d4 Nf6 2. Nf3 e6 3. Nbd2 c5 4. e3 b6 5. Bd3 Bb7 6. O-O Be7 7. c4 O-O 8. b3 d5 9. Qc2 Nc6 10. a3 cd4 11. cd5 Qd5 12. ed4 Nd4 13. Qb1 Rfd8 14. Ne1 Qh5 15. Bb2 Bd6 16. g3 Ng4 17. h4 Qh4

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  1. The strongest player I've never heard off just a few weeks ago was Mikhail Tal.

  2. Einstein was a decent player.  He likely had the highest IQ of any chess player in human history (well, Tony, maybe you are second in that regard), but Einstein's intelligence was not the highest in mathematical/reasoning (still incredibly high in that area, but not his real strength).  There may not even be a label for the kind of intelligence Einstein had, the ability to see abstract concepts in entirely new ways.  Out of a population of 7 billion people, a mind like Einstein comes along once every 500 years or so.  Think about that!   But he was still an okay chess player.  You could say that Einstein was the Bobby Fischer of visualizing reality.

  3. At 3:05. What was the best move for white, when Queen was in C2 and attacked by Knight. May be D1. Positionwise white's pieces are very weak. So it was time to give up a piece and recover in terms of position by white. please let me know your thoughts

  4. I´m actually from the Czech Republic and very proud of our history, i was very ashamed i didnt know Rudolf before ! Thanks so much for discovering him for me, it is really shame what the last regimes did to our history, so we dont know these people …

  5. This game deserves to be a jewel in everyones collection .. an absolute beauty . Tyvm.

  6. #suggestion if you want to show us a black game , just flip the board and let us see from blacks perspective

  7. You are doing an awesome job. It helps us a a lot. I think you must be earning a lot and so you must keep someone as an assistant who could filter out the comments to your video and help out find out materials for your new videos as well. It would help us a lot more. Thanks again for your efforts.

  8. If that dog will reincarnate as a human it will be the greatest chess prodigy of the 21st century XD

  9. I guess rudolf really moped the “Flohr “ with him

  10. I believe this game is in Irving Chernev's Logical Chess Move by Move (My first, and so far only, chess book). There is another game between these two, colours reversed, where Pitschak begins with the English opening, and Flohr exacts his revenge.

  11. life is a highly overrated phenomenon says:

    strongest chess player is paul morphy

  12. Very nice chess player but why he unknown lk………….p

  13. Never heard of him, either! Great amazing attacking play!

  14. Have you done anything on Alvis Vitolins? I understand he was a very strong attacking player with a tragic end

  15. good for you….finding unsung peoples has to be really appreciated….Thanks

  16. With the light square bishop on the long diagonal, castling on king side was a blunder

  17. So, who is the strongest player you’ve never heard of now ?

  18. Is it better to be the strongest player that no-one has ever heard of….or the weakest player that is well-known?

  19. My The Strongest Chess Player You've Never Heard Of was Rashid Najmedinov….such a great player

  20. Agadmator i suggest you to do PhD on chess😁

  21. I think Salo's opening play here was quite Flohred.

  22. The strongest player I had never heard of before stumbling upon this channel was Mikhail Tal. Or perhaps Paul Morphy. Or maybe Alekhine. Or Capablanca.

  23. I just followed this game in the excellent book from 1957 “Logical Chess, Move by Move” and thought to myself “I’d love to hear agadmator’s opinion on it” and hey you’re two years ahead of me. Thank you!

  24. The strongest chess player I've never heard of is

    Someone I've never heard of

  25. The question we all want to know, have he ever played Michael Tal?🤓

  26. Same bishop on b6 as well as on b7 ….. a rare occasion😂😂

  27. It was kind of funny to listen because Salo ( Сало ) in russian means "lard".

  28. 60yrs of chess and I never heard of him either?

  29. For me before this channel is Ivanchuk and Nezhtmedinov.

  30. Thanks for the nice game from this relatively unknown but talented player. It's nice of you to recognize him and others of similar stature (the "unsung heroes of chess").

  31. Jonathan Penrose is known to some, but I don't see much reference to him. He had a drawn game with Bobby Fischer at an Olympiad. From memory, Penrose was a pawn up in a dead drawn endgame, but it could have been the other way around. He was a full time teacher, but took time off to win a few British championships.

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