The Signal For Chess Players To Offer The Draw || FIDE World Cup 2021

Video Credit – FIDE Chess
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We would like to thank FIDE Chess for giving us permission to make this short clip.

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  1. Magnus gained some weight there. sitting across from grischuk

  2. It’s clear he was trying to initiate a sword fight after the game here.

  3. He was requesting to touch "peepees" later on, to which Grischuk didn't even contemplate the offer before accepting.

  4. Grischuk and Korobov are some of the absolutely most hilarious GM's of the last decade or so. Grischuk is funniest but Korobov is great fun too and yet they have this cold Soviet killer serious style.

  5. His wife told him to earn so more money so he is world cup as well✨

  6. I seen this cute style of korobov 76 times again & again 😂👋👋😉

  7. Actually it was not a legal draw offer. According to the rules: 1. You have to make a move 2. Offer draw 3. Press your clock. No other sequence of actions is a legal draw offer and can be ignored.

  8. In my coutry this is a sign of lets use

  9. Anton Korobov v Grischuk…. commentary is on different game smh

  10. The Draw clip I liked the most was Grandmasters World Champion Magnus Carlsen vs Anish Giri. The World Champion would win the tournament with a draw, GM Giri would win prize money w a draw. It was like the 3rd move and Giri whispers to Magnus, “I want a draw.” Magnus says nothing, the game goes into the Middle Game, Giri asked for a draw and Magnus gave it to him. A win, win for both players…and friends. 😉

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