The reason why the London is GARBAGE

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  1. i looked up ivic and ?? can someone explain what abt him looks villainous lmfao i do not see it at all

  2. If London get me to a point whee I can draw with Ding Liren, fuck it – I'm never playing anything else again.

  3. The waffle house had found it’s new honest

  4. what is that face at the start of the video 😂

  5. just bought the d4 dynamite and this popped on my recommendations, u scared me levy😢

  6. what a visionary person the london system is now being played in todays world championship game

  7. Ding clearly didn't see this video since he's going for the first London victory in the history of the chess world championship

  8. Who is here after Ding won with the London in the WCC?

  9. April 16th 2023: London system dominates for a win in the World Chess Championship.

  10. And here we are, Ding winning game 6 of WCC by playing the London opening after seeing Levy's video !

  11. I've returned here because Ding Liren won using London.

  12. GothamChess, I think that you may have to revisit this video and edit the audio! To state that the London system may not "cut it" at the top end of chess needs reviewing after Ding Liren used it in Game Six of the FIDE World Championship, and…WON! It was a spectacular game.

  13. And now what, Levy? Ding won vs nepo with the london xD

  14. Ding Liren: "you have forfeited your life privileges"

  15. Levy makes video why London is garbage… 3 months later it is played with a win in world championship.

  16. My ELO is only about 1050. My problem with the London is while I am setting up my bishops and knights all nice, my opponent does not stop doing their dirty plan.

  17. Goes to the only not mate square

  18. why the london is bad if you are good is a more accurate title

  19. no one gonna talk about that face he made in the first 2 seconds of the video???

  20. What about ding winning using London 😀😀😀

  21. Funny, I was just recommended this video after watching the "how to destroy with the London" from a year ago 😂

  22. dude you gotta be kidding . you did upload videos teaching the London system opening and now your telling us that L-for London|»» L-for lose😱😱😱😱😱😱🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🫣🫣

  23. Levy:London is a garbage.
    Ding Liren in WCC:Really!!

  24. Some days, Levy gets a little crazier / wittier than usual, the reason being unknown.

  25. The london now has 100% win rate in World Championship tournaments after Ding Nepo 2023 WC match

  26. I just watched a video you posted a year ago on how to WIN with the London. Now it's garbage. Whatever

  27. Typical Brooklyn Jew can't stop talking about marketing!

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