The Reason People Don’t Get Better At Chess According to Ben Finegold

Clipped from World Cup Round 4: Tiebreaks Recap Stream [07-24-2021]

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  1. Right now I'm kind of stuck really getting over 2000. I get up to it, I cross it, then I'll fall back down under. I've been at this for about a year now.

  2. watching this made me feel like playing chess and what do you know, this literally happened. A guy was very aggressive with his queen, thought a pawn was free and quickly learned the error of his ways and left.

  3. when will they bring back descriptive notation
    for some reason my brain has a hard time with algebraic notation.

  4. I bet if Magnus blundered a rook every game he'd still be at least 2200. He wouldn't perhaps be a Grand Master but he'd still be damn good.

  5. At least you're not like the "want to get better at chess? just buy my course for 500$" type of youtuber

  6. Do you correlate success at chess with success in life? Like if you are a bad chess player, does it mean you are bad at improving yourself and thus have a less successful life?

  7. Ben stop being such a salty hater. Really like you more in your lectures where you are, wait, hold up, coaching and lecturing people? Greetings, a chess coach for beginners that sees good results. I don't teach opening lines, but opening principles. And ofcourse tactics, but I try to compartmentalize them by theme, so focusing on pins for a while, then deflections, etc. etc.. I teach students to focus on a specific theme for a while until it becomes intuitive, and then we move on to the next. This same method has worked very, very well for me. There is a lot of study material on chess, but if a beginner goes to youtube without any sense of direction, he'll quickly be in over his head trying to mate with a knight and bishop. So it's a coaches job to show them where to focus there energy most efficiently, and explain things to help them grasp it faster. Kind of like you do. Cause you're a great coach ( when you're teaching kids )

  8. This is such good advice, particularly the part where you shouldn’t say you were unlucky or that you were distracted by something, you should very objectively look at the game, see what you missed and put in a plan so you don’t do that kind of blunder again. No excuses!

  9. I’ll try not to be so hard to chew, maybe then I’ll get better.

  10. Playing Blitz all the time is another reason why I feel people don't improve. It teaches people to not take the time to think through a move – they end just moving on instinct alone, which leads to dumb moves.

    Blitz should only be reserved for players who are good enough to know what they are doing and don't need lots of time to figure out the best move. I can say with certainty that I am not good enough to play blitz yet for that reason.

  11. Halfway through this video I was inspired to play a ladder game. Was +3, then blundered my queen.

  12. C’mon ben, don’t eat on video. It’s disgusting. I can’t watch anymore.

  13. Let this be a lesson to anyone making a video series, try not to spend the first 3 minutes overcoming the food you were eating on stream in one of your most popular videos 😀

  14. This was a great video, but it’s still frustrating to me, I play anywhere from 70-80% accurate, without hanging any pieces, and I’m losing, and I don’t know what to do, if you were to guess my elo I’m curious to know what people think I am, I’m 500, a 500 rated player, playing 75% accurate without any blunders (although plenty of mistakes) and losing, I don’t know what to do, it’s insane

  15. Stop chewing and speaking with your mouthful. Seriously mate

  16. Idk what I do wrong, I memorize openings I spend hours playing I spend hours learning theory and watching others play yet I don’t improve am i just stupid?

  17. Why does bro go “GWOOOWOOW” whenever he eats or drinks something😭😭 great video though

  18. Eating while talking to me. Unsubscribed

  19. WELL FUCK CHESS I CANT EVEN REACH 1000 RAPID or BLITZ…HAD 1072 on daily it went 998 FUCK

  20. Besides the jokes, this is pretty deep stuff!

  21. This guy reminds me of South Park’s iteration of Rob Reiner. Constantly moaning and chewing while he’s trying to talk

  22. I’m improving… it’s just improving in reverse

  23. So if I can't get better because I don't have a good enough memory to remember every bad move I've ever made, is there anything I can do to improve or should I just call it a day?

  24. Eating on the mic is fucking disgusting I can't watch this. It's really unfortunate because this is an interesting topic.

  25. “If Magnus was Magnus, which he is [cheeky point to camera]”
    It was at this point I liked the video 😊

  26. 5min games are poison no? i will never improve with that time setting!

  27. I'm so glad i seen this. If youre just gonna look for an shortcut easy way might as well not play

  28. "All of your coaches teach you things that don't matter. That's all they do"

  29. I love how Hikaru blundered a queen every game in his speed run and still made it up to 2500+…maybe his theory on Magnus down a rook is a bit off

  30. Really annoying that he’s eating while he’s explaining

  31. I know the reason but I forgot it…

  32. To get better at something, you must want to change. People don't want to change.

  33. Think you could stop stuffing your face long enough to make the video?

  34. I play for fun, fuck the ratings

  35. chewing on mic, f that, scumbag move right there bruh

  36. Now repeat all what he said, and apply it to everything in life!

  37. I'm not getting better at chess because my mother smoked crack up her ass when she was pregnant with me

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