The REAL Difference Between Grandmasters In Chess

In this video my mom GM Pia Cramling and my dad Juan Manuel Bellon Lopez played out the exact same position to show people the difference between how grandmasters think in chess depending on their style. The position was from a Magnus Carlsen game. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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  1. If both your parents are Gms there is no excuse to not be the best chess player in the world.

  2. Imagine having two GM's as parents, you'd be able to learn so much

  3. might have had a chance at a checkmate with that rook/queen in those positions though stalemate is more conservative and worked best

  4. Forget the chess what a lovely loving family ❤️

  5. POV : When that one computer keeps beating you over and over.

  6. How did two intelligent people produce this

  7. now this might be the two most likeable parents out there. Just a wholesome video!

  8. Anna needs to stop influencing moves if she's tryna display differences. Just let them fucking play holy

  9. hey guys, dont you think Ana´s mom is the sweetest person on youtube? i think i´m in love

  10. there was a mate in 3 for the dad i cant believe he couldnt find it

  11. Oh, Master Engine is +17 material advantage and game is finished drawn by stalemate – WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  12. super cute chess family 🙂 im just a bit distracted that her belly is almost as white as her tshirt… im sorry its just what my brain can not overcome.. :S

  13. Damn id take this tactical stalemate anytime

  14. Mom wanted to win and Dad wanted to play a beautiful game.

  15. Ahah loved this. Your mum is laser focused and your dad is like I don’t care ahahah

  16. Anna: "Mom, the computer is just 2400, so it's not really strong"
    Me: 😭

  17. "The computer is only 2400; it's not really strong!!" – WHAT LOL??!?!?! CRACKED ME UP. FAIR ENOUGH

  18. so instructive these videos!!!
    I think seeing the difference in the thought process … as well as intuition at play … wow!!!!
    keep these coming. I subscribed!

  19. Me encanta el espanglish del padre, fantástico

  20. rook b1 is best move unless bot does perpetual check with queen

  21. Thanks for sharing that with us! Beautiful family

  22. 22:00 love this moment, where as soon as her dad spots the draw he smiles wide.

  23. and take take n take. you already battled before we even started to move

  24. 2400 is not strong when i can't even beat 1500 dengggggg

  25. Lovely Couple haha mama would be very happy awee. ❤

  26. Tbh I liked that draw more than a win it was so beautiful

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