The REAL Difference Between A Grandmaster And A 2000 In Chess (Part 2)

This is part 2 of “The REAL Difference Between A Grandmaster and a 2000 In Chess” – In this video me and my mom GM Pia Cramling played out the exact same position to show people the difference between how a GM and a 2000 thinks in chess. The position was from a Magnus Carlsen game. We did this a few months ago and I wanted to do it again as many of you enjoyed it 🙂

Part 1:

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00:00 Intro
00:38 Anna’s Chess
11:08 Pia’s Chess
23:48 Magnus Carlsen’s Chess

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  1. Anna, this was perfect! Would love to see more videos like this!

  2. Chest is so interesting. Never noticed just how integrated it can be. Nice. I'm glad y'all are going through and explaining your process. Cool. Very good!

  3. This got ya +2 subs. Me and my friend subbed because your mom is so clear how she explained the game.

  4. Wow this is so amazing. After seeing some Anna videos watching pia here is like realizing „wow: you can actually perform a heart transplant with a scalpel better than with an axe!“
    Great video!

  5. I loved when Pia peaked in 2008, i wish more even tho the elo is now at 2460

  6. "…oh, i just play with my mom here and then" (c)

  7. You cheat, I saw you look at tablet. Fake.

  8. You're good, to much thinking. Wow Why girls think to much.

  9. Pro won in 2-3 moves. I'm not, but you made bad moves.

  10. Amazing you know a lot. More than me, but I won already, I'm an average player, You think to much at beginning.

  11. I'm dumb, I would do knight g5 first move. I'm good, not best.

  12. Don't up date in Get for Queen and King. I See you All run. I see you.

  13. I wonder how many piece her or her mom would need to beat me. Rook, King, Knight 2 ponds against a full board? Probably just a king…

  14. the craziest part about this is, her mother didnt have this tools to learn chess. we can learn it much easier and still she is next level outbraining us xD

  15. Followed you in the 80`s Pia. You was in Malmö for a championship and also played simulatchess. Loved you Pia.

  16. The elo rating for a female GM (2300) is much lower than the standard GM elo for male players (2500). Female GM is equivalent to male FM I believe.

  17. It can't be real, I would think a 2000 player would be more elaborate. It looks like me playing…
    Mum is really good !

  18. Loved it. You both are good explainers!
    Thanks for the video!🤓

  19. It was great to see how 3 players with different ratings treated the same position!

  20. Pia is calm and thinks … Anna is hyperexcitable and impulsive.

  21. so basically GM's calculation has less rushing and wishful thinking in it 🙂

  22. Slow clap. To the entire video… The comparison is amazing.

  23. You're mom's ability to think through the positions logically is insane.

  24. Anna: 🎵Yes yes I'm winning🎶
    Anna: NOOOOOoooOOO!!😭

  25. is that really your mom? I mean she's so calm and you're so antsy 🐜
    Or are you on cocaine Anna?

  26. I want to just sit and watch Mom narrate matches all day.

  27. thats the most annoying woman voice ever

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