The REAL Difference Between A Grandmaster And A 2000 In Chess (Part 2)

This is part 2 of “The REAL Difference Between A Grandmaster and a 2000 In Chess” – In this video me and my mom GM Pia Cramling played out the exact same position to show people the difference between how a GM and a 2000 thinks in chess. The position was from a Magnus Carlsen game. We did this a few months ago and I wanted to do it again as many of you enjoyed it 🙂

Part 1:

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00:00 Intro
00:38 Anna’s Chess
11:08 Pia’s Chess
23:48 Magnus Carlsen’s Chess

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  1. omg I can listen to Pia until the morning with a notebook in my hand

  2. Very very very instructive. Very natural, intelligent and helpful and they made it fun. This is possibly the best chess channel I’ve watched.

  3. Wow favorited. Haven't seen anything like this before.

  4. jesus christ i had to stop watching ur voice is so annoying

  5. I enjoyed this, thank you both. I like your mother, she's the kind I could spend all day with, we're about the same age.

  6. I thought queen b1 initially to force a queen trade. Q takes qb1. Rook takes b1. Then I don't know. I started a few days ago.

    *Shit I did it backwards, haha.

  7. 9:15 what happens if you do rook E6? Queen cant take queen? and you trade your rook for a bishop & queen?

  8. Anna thinks 4 moves ahead but her mom thinks 8 moves ahead !!!

  9. she got that bitchy voice from that netflix series lol

  10. Thanks for the lovely chess lektion from you two true chess-enthusiasts, me being a Swedish Magnus Carlsen-fan living in Málaga. ¡Qué sigáis divulgando la alegría del ajedrez! Un saludo.

  11. She would be great in any position. 😛

  12. I know a Yasuo with 0/10/0 feeder rating

  13. Either you have a doppelganger or you are in a Sterling Furnature advert that appeared on my timeling also?

  14. I've just subscribes as I've never played chess and haven't a clue how to.

  15. first 6 min were "i check mate how my opponent stop it" then realising oh wait… wtf

  16. Anybody in the neighborehood thinks there is a crime agains a girl. 🤪 S.W.A.T. Team arrives soon.

  17. bot moves bishop instantly
    Pia: (they) went there directly…

  18. Bruce Lee was actually the 1st to use and engineer such a device,

  19. That older lady is super cute. Idc about the other woman

  20. …your mom is a walking computer.

  21. Your mom is absolutley awesome. I love her calm positivity. No wonder you are such an awesome girl!

  22. Moma Pia has harmony in her voice, quite an angel 🙂

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