The REAL Difference Between A Grandmaster And A 2000 In Chess (Part 2)

This is part 2 of “The REAL Difference Between A Grandmaster and a 2000 In Chess” – In this video me and my mom GM Pia Cramling played out the exact same position to show people the difference between how a GM and a 2000 thinks in chess. The position was from a Magnus Carlsen game. We did this a few months ago and I wanted to do it again as many of you enjoyed it 🙂

Part 1:

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00:00 Intro
00:38 Anna’s Chess
11:08 Pia’s Chess
23:48 Magnus Carlsen’s Chess

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  1. She's so smart you should let us watch her game slowly

  2. I know so little about chess, but I was riveted by the grandmaster.

  3. 20;22 knight a7 is check mate or am i wrong

  4. Imagine having a sweet mom that also happens to be a GM and also follows your career and your internet stuff

  5. This was fascinating to watch. Your mom is a boss 💪

  6. Id love to learn from You Miss Cramling Via David Hendriksson

  7. Plus she is not screaming, maybe that's the real difference?

  8. This is a very insightful video me as an 1200 player also went rook b1 but that js about it. You can really see the difference between Anna her Mom and then Magnus. Who plays it much more to his advantage

  9. GMs: calculate carefully and smoothly crushes the opponent
    Me: This seems to be a handy move, Wakanda forever!

  10. This exercise was very interesting for a novice. Thank you.

  11. It’s fascinating and annoying to listen to her

  12. Your mom is so sweet i love your videos with her ❤ your so lucky to have a mom like her.

  13. "I be very happy when I see your mom." This sentence would be an insult in all circumstances except your channel 😀

  14. The REAL difference between a GM and a 2000: GMs have more pleasant voices.😉
    Thanks for this instructive demonstration! Pia is just thinking ahead so much – amazing to witness!

  15. So… the difference is that a GM can actually explain their thought process? 😛

  16. And there in me, 200 elo player, I don't think a video comparing is required, thanks 😂

  17. At the end could you do: rook b8, if rook takes then take with pawn become a queen, then queen to h8 check mate?

  18. bruh the difference is i had 2200 at 13 and i've never took a chess lesson, 2000 is not even close to a gm

  19. Bottom-line: a 500 point difference in rating, which, at this level, is a lot.

  20. I love it. You both take mom and daughter's conversation into the next level 😆😆

  21. I have no idea what the mum is talking about but it’s so very relaxing😂 I don’t even know why this vid was in my algorithm

  22. i am sorry , you may be rated 2000 but you are thinking like 1000

  23. Knight to h4 then knight to f5 queen to g7= checkmate

  24. wait is your mom a wgm or a gm or is it the same thing?

  25. Your mom is a super genius. Also she seems so sweet. <3

  26. I think the difference between GM and IM is that GM's are more calculative and structured, while IMs do calculate but they are chaotic

  27. That's just cheating. learn from your mistakes dumb women ☕

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