The Philosophy of a NYC Street Chess Player – T.C.

Take a look inside the philosophy of the King of Union Square: T.C. This short documentary film, produced by Chess Twins, covers topics including “Why do you play chess in Union Square Park?” and “What are the similarities between chess and life?”

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  1. great vid… luv ur work… actually walked past da Winter Games guy today, should have said hey but was in a rush… Monday i will… also did i notice wrong but when he said 5 chess fundamentals for life n kids, i believe he only stated 4, lmao… anyway keep up da great vids…;]

  2. Always enjoyed the content. Never commented yet. This is one step further. Really enjoyed it.Thank you , I'd do appreciate more similar stuff

  3. What i wanna see is Legendary Cornbread on this channel

  4. This was good. More interviews please. He quit his JustOverBroke to pursue his passion in the streets of NYC. That’s Crazy Good

  5. Good job promotion and showcase a chess player.
    Have to state the negatives statement that a player does not know chess because of a rating. That is relative and can be said at any level as a player looks down at someone else.

  6. Man, I love Union Square. Great people hang out there year round

  7. I've often thought that if all my other goals in life fail to come through, that I'd move to NYC and play in Central Park for a living. Saw another video of a guy who, between students he teaches and games he charges for, makes $200 to $300 per day. Not bad to do what you love. It has been forever since I was rated (I peaked there at just over 2000) but I'm stronger now than then ( rating peak of 2122 earlier this year), so I'd say I'm a 2100 to 2200 strength. I could do quite well, I think, in NYC. One of these days I might just go, set up a board, and play for a day to see how it goes.

  8. Don't want to play a 1500 rated player? He'll play a 800 rated player if you have 5 bucks.

  9. This guy is not a good player. He can only hustle weak beginners.

  10. Love tc man.. been trying to beat him 3 times in a row for years now

  11. Ah yes, the five eternal elements of chess:

    1: Develop
    2: Structure
    3: Safety
    4. ????
    5: His wife

  12. This player are skilled …even for Good Chess Club player Elo 2100

  13. Loved his philosophy and comparison of life and chess. I don't live anywhere near NY city so probably will never meet him.

  14. Wait, this guy's supposed to have 60 years? That must be mistake right?

  15. If you listen carefully, 05:47: "bueno" in the background, its the "these are the winter games" guy

  16. LOVE this guy's perspective. Thanks for sharing

  17. What are the similarities between chess and life?
    It's just a waste of time.

  18. Really good video. I like the black dude and he is correct when he says that chess should be made a part of every school's curriculum.

  19. This was a very good interview. Some good wisdom on the words that he was saying. Thanks for uploading. Props.

  20. Rest In Peace king 🤴🏿 we love you and your students will live on your legacy.

  21. amazing video and amazing music! can you show me the music?

  22. James Harden ,,
    Probably doesn't have much of a defense 😁

  23. Proverbs 3:5-6 (MSG) ⁵⁻⁶Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track.

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