The man who trains the minds of chess players – Krishna Prasad

Chess players work on their openings, middlegames and endgames. However, it has been proved that psychology is an equally important subject. Recovering from losses, trying to formulate goals in your chess career, moving towards them with vigour and purpose differentiates a world class player from a normal one.

Krishna Prasad is a mind trainer who has helped excellent chess players like Adhiban, Gukesh, Karthikeyan Murali and Bharath Subramaniyam reach their true potential. In this interview he talks about his work with these youngsters, his own career journey and also reveals to us one of his little techniques that he uses for concentration.

If you would like to get in touch with Krishna Prasad, you can do so from here: [email protected], contact no. 9884673205

Video: Sagar Shah

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  1. where i can find some articles about his techniques? and actually i want to adapt them to backgammon. this is very interesting.

  2. sagar shar is awesome always , thanks for introducing such a great person

  3. I salute the team of chess India to cover this type of information

  4. I am from Nepal . Nepalese chess don't improve fast like Indian because there are less tournament in nepal ,not many chess clubs and mind trainer. When is Nepal going to get all these things

  5. Brilliant interview by Mr Sagar with Mr Krishna Prasad. India will certainly excel in chess this century.

  6. Hi Sagar, It could have been better if you had introduced him to chess base fans than by himself.
    You are doing great job in promoting chess and also introducing genius personalities to the chess world.
    Does everyone felt the same way?and your thoughts on this Pls.

  7. Can anyone tell me one thing:
    At 2:56 when Sagar asked age of Krishna Prasad sir and he replied 69 he 'laughed'. Why??

  8. can you please share the download link of the 4th Dimension White hole – picture ?

  9. Sir apki ye video hindi mai bhi honi chahiye

  10. This man is Legend โค๏ธ

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