The Main Way to Improve Your Chess Game, No Matter Your Rating

Clip with GM Ben Finegold! [02-06-2023]

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  1. I came for a meme and left with tears… terrible

  2. Just do it – original quote – Ben Finegold

  3. getting high and playing chess is not a good way to get good.

  4. With all that being said Ben, what opening should I play?

  5. What a coincidence, I also watched the Good Place within the same timeframe as Ben, finishing it a few days ago, haha. Combining that with winning a game just now because of always play bishop F1, while my opponent incorrectly sacked the exchange, I think I'm on my way to being a GM… Well, trying is the first step to failure anyway 😅

  6. I am a teacher and one of the lessons I try to communicate to my students is to learn to embrace failure. Failure is an opportunity to learn and get better. Failure is a blessing. Figure out what you did wrong and how to improve next time. I don't get better at chess by studying the games I win. I get better by studying the games I lose.

  7. ben, can i place a knight in the corner and win a game?

  8. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    But they won’t change…

  9. I really only want to study like 4 minutes a month and get a GM title. Is there ONE book or ONE video that can take me from 199 to 3199 in 19 minutes?????? I'm also 99 and started running yesterday, can I win the Olympics with 2 minutes of training a year??? Short cuts is my style, hard work is for the peasants.

  10. Getting better at something is a byproduct of doing it. Just do what you enjoy doing and it will make you better at it! Put the goal back on enjoyment and watch your skills explode.

  11. Ben is literally a practical philosopher, and he is good at it!

  12. Hope they hear this. D$&m that’s good advice. Bravo

  13. you make your path you do not find your path…. says one of my mentors …nthis resonates with your truth telling.

  14. Most people I know that are really good got there by going over their games to understand why they lost. Everybody else just fires up the next game to forget about that last loss

  15. This was the stupidest ramble I’ve ever heard in my life. I get what he’s trying to say kind of but you can play chess online and stay the same elo for your entire life. To get better you must learn deeper knowledge of chess and somebody has to teach you that in one form or another. What you do with that knowledge is what makes great players from good players. But simply saying “play more chess” to get better at it is comical and an extremely misleading statement. I think Ben is a good chess player but his personality is to anti social to explain how he got better at chess.. pretty much the best answer I can give is you have to be a complete chess weirdo and get completely obsessed with learning and developing your chess skills. Chess is nothing to do with intelligence or “skill” and a lot more to do with obsession and desire to improve at the game. Which is a pretty basic concept to almost anything in life

  16. Ben is the father figure we didn't deserve, didn't ask for, or even wanted, but we got him anyway.

  17. I feel like I received a really precious advice today. Ty Ben, you're a good man

  18. Think about your move and prepare to accept the consequences

  19. So the way to get better at chess is… Just do chess stuff. Anything.

    Got it.

  20. "The way to get better at chess in any level is to just go get better at playing chess" is probably the dumbest standpoint ever taken in the history of human thought.

    …How is this video explaining how to get better at chess?

    Explains why Ben Finegold is below 2700 in 2023 after playing for so many years…

  21. Disappointed there was no "Perrier is for closers only."

  22. Your point would make more sense if you didn't use weight loss as an example because you've been obese your entire life and probably should ask for advice.

  23. One man came to Mozart and asked him how to write a symphony. Mozart replied, “You are too young to write a symphony.” The man said, “You were writing symphonies when you were 10 years of age, and I am 21.” Mozart said, “Yes, but I didn’t run around asking people how to do it.”

  24. Tell it like it is, Chad FInegold!

  25. Atheism is intellectually dishonest. An attempt to avoid responsibility.

  26. stop asking stupid questions and go play the game you pretend to love

  27. As a dude with a PhD in physics, Dave's not here, man

  28. atheist trying not mention they're an atheist challenge (impossible)

  29. Ben doesn't care what I think, but Chidi should be both vegan, and a consequentialist, not a Kantian. Kant's categorical imperative is literally built to prevent being paralyzed by decision making. No Kantian should have his kind of decision anxiety.

  30. I found playing a lot of blindfold really helped me get over my 1500 plateau

  31. I guess I should get high, thanks GM Benjamin Finegold

  32. Ben just fixed my entire fucking life and I’m not talking about chess

  33. Can't agree with that life advice entirely… ideally, you don't want to aim to do something well that has already been done well, you want to do something complementary or supplementary. To me that's the crucial asterisk.

  34. this is a comedy show based on true occasions

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