The History Of Chess: The World Chess Championship

Learn about the champions who have defined the game such as Paul Morphy, Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, and Magnus Carlsen from some of the game’s greatest players and commentators, including Viswanathan Anand, Bruce Pandolfini, Ben Finegold, and Danny Rensch.

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Executive Producer:
Dean J. Andrews

Michael Pennywark

Dean J. Andrews

Jonathan Corblah

Alexandra Kostenyuk (Women’s World Chess Champion 2008-2010)
Andrey Terekhov Ph.D. (FIDE Master)
Ben Finegold (Grandmaster)
Bruce Pandolfini (USCF National Master)
Danny Rensch (International Master)
Dejan Bojkov (Grandmaster)
Jonathan Tisdall (Grandmaster)
Nigel Short (Grandmaster)
Paul van der Sterren (Dutch Chess Champion 1985 & 1993)
Viswanathan Anand (Five Time World Chess Champion)

Editing & Post Production:
Ironik Design & Post
Michael Pennywark

Special Thanks:
Getty Images
Peter Doggers
Sam Copeland
Yury Solomatin
Emily Cole

*26:25 Bogoljubov first defeated Lasker in a tournament game in 1934 (Zurich) and never won a game vs Capablanca. He did however finish ahead of Capablanca and Lasker in Moscow in 1924, and ahead of Capablanca again in Bad Kissingen in 1928.

00:00 Origins of Chess
05:15 The First World Chess Championship
09:39 The Lasker Reign
20:01 Viva Cuba
24:02 The Alekhine Era
27:28 Pre-War Tensions
29:40 Enter FIDE
32:15 Soviet Dominance Part 1
42:22 Soviet Dominance Part 2
44:00 Finding Bobby Fischer
50:36 Chess Moves Off the Table
52:39 Kasparov v. Karpov
56:53 The Split Titles
01:00:56 The Anand Reign
01:08:55 The Magnus Era

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  1. i'm like who is this Uva who beat Alekhine?? the phrase "i only read it in books" really applies to me

  2. When Vishwanathan Anand became Champion, we celebrated the Championship returning to its land of origin, India. Today we have so many young people, teenagers in the GM category, it seems apposite that Indians have grown to reclaiming this game.A much wiser, senior relative told me: Celebrate Vishvanathan becoming a Champion and possible future Champions from India, but its better to celebrate that this Indian Board game has become the Worlds favourite Board game, and we are part of World Chess excellence and that it developed due to so many civilisations adopting it rather than just focusing on its being Indian. So, yes: we are proud the game is global and also celebrate that others celebrate love this game as much as we do. Its the worlds board game.

  3. I read the Book(The History Of Chess;By:J.H.J Murray)when I quz Incarcerated for 20yrs. It's da best Book of Chess History. (500 Master Games of Chess as well)

  4. Now, Paul Murphy wuz da greatest of his times (Tal & Bobby Fischer)r da nxt 2

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