The Greatest Chess Players: Carlsen’s Best – Part 2!

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FM Kavutskiy brings us another great example of why Magnus Carlsen is the best chess player in the world! See another brilliant performance from the young Norwegian now!


  1. I wonder how black would manage if he had played e5 instead of Nf6 and in this way preventing Maroczy Bind. Personally I hate this bind since it makes black life rather annoying. Well that my first idea but then again Black has black square bishop and all the pawns on black squares in the center and white has black square bishp and pawns on white squares.

  2. When can Carlsen go for the world title? Around June no?

  3. These are really great thanks! Lease do some games about gms vs computers

  4. Good game.
    In about 20 years I'll be able to beat Carlsen

  5. Good luck. He has 20 years to progress as well

  6. Excelente performance de Carlsen y magníficos comentarios explicatorios. Gracias por compartir.

  7. Wow! What an amazing game….a beautiful ass whoopin'!

  8. Oooooo….Fantastic ….Very Exceptional …..

  9. To stop whites queen h6 knight g5 couldn't he have just moved his pawns on e6 and g6 so the queen will be threatened if it's on h6?

  10. I just started playing chess and I couldn't win a game to save my life. Now after just these first two videos of watching Carlsen play and I've had to kick up the bots difficulty to stay challenged. These are very helpful, thank you. 😀

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