The Greatest Chess Players: Carlsen’s Best – Part 1!

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FIDE Master Kostya Kavutskiy starts a new series today! Here he plans to review many of the World’s #1 Magnus Carlsen’s best games, and to keep an eye out for more gems as they happen! Check out his review of Magnus’s recent victory over Hikaru Nakamura!


  1. How did he castle after moving his king is my biggest question?

  2. Magnus Carlsen is amazing. It's almost depressing to me watching this game and seeing the difference in the way he thinks vs myself. I have a long way to go in my chess game…

  3. Less words? I don't see how he could have used too many less words…pretty good and succinct analysis IMO.

  4. Thank you very much for this video lesson. I found your commentary to be insightful and helpful to players of all levels.

  5. im a huge fan and platinum member and i just wanted to say that it's a shame the website is no longer supporting their videos on iOS. you can only watch some of vids via the app or on pc, which is annoying for those who already spend too much time on pc and want to enjoy their portable devices.

  6. Don't feel bad that you don't think like Carlsen!

  7. Kostya knows his stuff, definitely, but I think trying to make it more entertaining would only serve to benefit his commentary. Daniel Rensch comes to mind.

  8. Love Magnus. He is so pro! Chuck Norris of chess!

  9. Thank you for the video! Amazing game and awesome commentary! Screw the people that are complaining, you don't have to do this and we appreciate your time. Please keep posting.

  10. I really hope seeing more of your videos and less of daniel rensh.. as he is extremely cocky and annoying.. and you seem like a nice guy

  11. 1. Qxd5 Ne7 2. Qd1 h3 3. Bf1 I think black is better. Maybe 3… Bc6 prepare for 4… d5
    I don't know, that's what I think.

  12. As Always it's good to see a dominating game by Carlsen. It would be great if you could place the pgn along side the game if I wanted ti play it out myself. Just a thought.

  13. Carlson may be great on the chessboard but as we know from his interviews, unlike Fischer or Kasparov he rather tends to be become a puppet of the system that promotes him than showing the individual outlines of a carácter, contrasting this system in a way to justify the attribution of true greatness.

  14. i would not blame magnus for doin what he's doin … it's our system either you become a puppet of someone with money and influence or you stay a random freak even if you're a genius …
    always been like that always will be like that (hopefully not)

  15. clap clap clap
    Great analysis and play by Magnus

  16. Fisher is the best of all time kids, great video though

  17. I love how magnus carlsen plays. It's almost like he cuts off and disables the other player's pieces, rather than just try and capture them.

  18. the top "american" player is named  nakamura?

  19. You know.. it really does bug me how people will talk down about the person in the losing position no matter how great they are individually. Yes, Carlsen may be the best player currently, but that doesn't make Nakamura any worse than he currently is. He may not be the best, but he's definitely a very strong and solid player.

    IDK, just something that irks me, maybe it's the commentator in this film with his entire demeanor about the game itself.

  20. I beat Magnus Carlsen online once. But his rating was only like 1800, must be one of his newer handles. Keep working hard Magnus you will get there one day.

  21. You are a great commentator. Thanks for this video!

  22. Europeans dont understand America. We're all immigrants. Nakamura is just as American as any other American.

  23. Not Carlsen's best! Lol :
    White moves knight to b-5
    Black should have driven Queen to a-5…"check" to white ..takes knight early in the game…poor playing.

  24. I see a lot of very calm moves in this game, Magnus is very powerful in his own way

  25. Am I the only one who realized how overrated this Magnus guy is? He got so lucky in this game. Come on, he's only ranked #1 in the world, how is that impressive? What about the multiverse? ( just mocking some of the trolls I see in chess videos, nothing to see here, carry on)

  26. I cant stand guys that play like nakamura. Being all aggressive with no real plan of how to win. Just threatening pieces and giving stupid checks that dont improve your position

  27. im a chess noob. I was wondering why black didn't take the white knight with his knight at 0:36

  28. Magnus is an alien from outer space

  29. is it just me or is this guy incorrect about the pawn to f7 ending? isn't the correct ending move queen to f5/f6?

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