The Greatest Chess Player That Ever Lived | Garry Kasparov | Talks at Google

Garry Kasparov was the highest-rated chess player in the world for over twenty years and is widely considered the greatest chess player that ever lived. On Thursday, 10th March, 2005 Kasparov announced his retirement from competitive chess. He remains the highest-rated player in the history of the game and the only true icon in a sport with over 100 million players. He was the first player to break through the “four minute mile” of chess, a rating over 2800. He remains the only player who topped the 2850 mark. His 2851 ELO rating is still an all-time record.

Today this master of strategy applies the insights and unique perspective from his extraordinary chess career to the issues of leadership, logical thinking, strategic thinking, and success on the speakers’ circuit and to Russian politics.

Known as an extremely intuitive chess player, Kasparov emphasizes intuition’s role in reaching one’s full potential as an individual and achieving superior performance as the leader of a group or organization. His contests with the super-computer “Deep Blue” were worldwide headline news and he was at the forefront of innovation in chess for over twenty years. He was at the cutting-edge of research and the battles between humans and computers as far back as 1989.


  1. Lol at the presenter telling the poor kid that he's not getting a job at Google who heck would want to work at a superfund site which mountain view Cal is plus a flash in the pan company in the history of business it's a webpage with a few tricks just like Lycos,Excite etc were sure it's currently giving a few perks which other's are not but when investor's start catching on to the scam ……hehe and youtube is not a idea from Google and it would be as successful without them

  2. I think he's talking about types of observable atoms. If that's the case than I think he is right. Obviously a single glass of water contains millions of atoms of H20 but that's just one type. If this is what he is referring to than I think he's right. There are 20 possible moves in the first move by the second move there are over 400 possible positions and just keep adding from there.

  3. I know next to nothing about chess. Is the "positional vs dynamic" dichotomy that Garry referenced a few times, the same thing as "aggressive vs defensive"? It's hard to believe that Garry Kasparov doesn't understand a position as well as other players because he is only a "dynamic" player

  4. So aggression is good; even though Kasparov doesn't understand the position as well as Karpov he still wins by fearless attack

  5. Facial recognition and based on that data the computer could run a "bluff" function based on that facial recognition.  

  6. Europe Is becoming Dictatorship Union - says:

    he lost also lost against a famous chessplayer in 2002 !

  7. Regarding the question around 17mins:  'What is the optimal time a person should allocate to making an intelligent decision?' I think it can be quantified based on brain activity. If certain circuits in the brain can be determined to be functioning optimally, then decision making can be improved and therefore time allocated to the decision making process can be reduced.

  8. Garry Kasparov, a guy who has something to say!

  9. other than kasparov all were awkward moderns

  10. Chess is a fun game, but to dedicate your life to a fucking board game is ridiculous

  11. Garry is a very smart man,u can tell just from his speaking and outlook of things.

  12. i think Fischer knew he would beat Karpov.

  13. Fischer: im the best because i spend the most time on chess
    Kasparov ( who probably also spend more time than his opponents, at least im guessing) : im the best because of my talent

  14. We need another Kasparov as world champion.

  15. My comment to Garry is he is not good how he accepts or how he acts when he loses. Watch the part when they were talking about I.B.M. he sounds very MOTHER FUCKING DEFENSIVE because he lost against a computer who has better brains than him!

    If he was defeated by an old computer that was very strong during that time I am sure that newer chess programs will also whoop his ass!


  17. Gary kasparv is killing it in this interview. Giving you point after points to prove his point of veiw that IBM cheated!!!

  18. Garry doesn;t know you can't fight the corporate world. He played their ball game until he sat down playing their machine and lost knowing they cheated, but still he can't break their chains. Used and abused by the Globalist.

  19. I liked how he mentioned Fischer in there in comparison to himself because usually the dispute over the best player of all time is between these two players.

  20. yeyeye computers are getting clever, so now when can i put RAM into my brain? you can have all my money. just picture it – human mind + super fast, interface free computing = Greatness²

  21. I play agaisnt a guys with my StockFish program and StockFish gets checkmated….And Stockfish is like 3000 and more elo ranking…

  22. I like the set up with the real life chess board as the stage. Great Q&A with Gary and lots of insights. Most people will never admit to making mistakes the way Gary does and its very humbling. Perhaps, he has to do with game of chess having finite possibilities with a conclusive end where you can analyze each move real time unlike many real life decisions.

    The guy to the left seemed very arrogant. Probably the reason he is hosting a talk show and probably never achieved anything in life worth talking about with a large audience.

  23. AlphaZero would add a new dimension to this discussion.

  24. What makes Garry Kasparov the greatest is for having exceptional skill in chess and high level of intellect….

  25. Wonderful to see the way that Garry has matured into a very decent and impressive person.

  26. Very interesting about that 1997 rematch between Garry and Deep Blue. That move 37 in the second game, bishop to E4, was very suspicious. I'm no great chess player and certainly no computer expert, but it just didn't look like a move a computer would play. Not at that stage of programme development anyway. I don't know if the latest progammes like the Amazing Alpha-Zero or Stockfish would have. But we are talking about 23 years ago here. Impressive as Deep Blue was, I just can't see it playing that move. And the fact that IBM wouldn't show Garry the computer log just adds to the controversy.

  27. Lasker was world champion for 26 year's never been equalled

  28. Even if Deep Blue legitimately beat Kasparov…. you cant fault him or anyone for raising an eyebrow for them not showing the logs …. i go with Kasparov's Theory…

  29. its end of 2020 and putin is still a president 😀

  30. Even Garry would tell these ass kissing dopes that he is NOT the best ever. RJF, Capablanca, Morphy. Magnus, and Fabi could beat him in his prime.

  31. The audience questions were all great. No surprise, given that the audience are all Googlers.

  32. Difficult to compare Kasparov with other players. To stay World Champion for 15 years was quite an achievement. We will never, or could know how he would have fared against the 1972 Fischer. Or against previous generations such as Capablanca or Alekhine. In the same way that we could speculate on how Rocky Marciano would have have fared against Muhammed Ali, or Lennox Lewis or Anthony Joshua.

  33. Eleonora Formato née Szczepanowski (EllieAdrift) says:

    On my fb page, about an hour ago, … I might be in love with google.

  34. Rewatching these interviews from 2022 is a treat – this particular one happened before AlphaGo and AlphaZero, and listening to 2010 sentiments before the deep learning revolution happened puts those sentiments in a very different light.

  35. Great to see him predict neural networks in their various forms and training algorithms. I feel like AlphaZero was inspired by this interview.

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