The Greatest Chess Endgame ever | Vishy Anand vs Magnus Carlsen | Global Chess League 2023

If you would like to witness one of the best endgames ever played, you are in for some luck! 5-time World Champion Vishy Anand (Ganges Grandmasters) sat opposite another 5-time World Champion Magnus Carlsen (SG Alpine Warriors) at the 7th round of the Global Chess League 2023. The game was a slow strategic battle with both sides maneuvring in the first half of the game. Then Magnus realized that he had to win in order to let his team have any chances to beat his opposing team. And so he sacrificed a pawn. The game then went into a knight vs bishop endgame that was so sharp and complex that very few grandmasters could make sense of what was going on. With themes like domination, underpromotion, stalemate and much more, this is an endgame worth visiting and revisiting many many times in your life! Check out this battle along with the commentary of IM Sagar Shah and enjoy.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. At the mall with magnus. Where he does laps while in between moves with the extra time he always has left 😂

  2. Vishy could have won the match if he moves his king to B2 after the black knight revival. If the c4 black pawn pushes forward, white queen would takes up & winning position for Vishy!!

  3. And the greatest end game player of all time …..Emperor Magnus

  4. I love how the commentator say that magnus made a mistake 😂😂😂 like dude do you know better than the goat

  5. I swear Magnus always running late 😂😂😂

  6. Anand is very humble and a classic sportsman , so as garrey kasparov

  7. Magnus is the goat no doubt,but his attitude towards turning up on time sucks. Be a professional and show respect to your opponent.

  8. commentary held me at the edge of my seat…great job dude…really makes chess a fun game to watch…thanks man!

  9. Magnus seems like he is drunk😂 but his brain is doing the moves for him

  10. 17:57 the king should be in G7 if the pawn push then queen takes the white will win. no one notice ??

  11. Ничего не понял, но очень интересно

  12. You'd think someone whose brain was wired to be world chess champion could learn to be on time to events

  13. Man, this announcer could even make soccer seem exciting!

  14. Мне нравится смотреть без всякий комментаторов! Зачем убрали дублирующее поле с экрана?

  15. The commentry will go down in history.

  16. Best commentary I’ve heard. Great Game… Fun to watch.

  17. Vixi… pensei que tava perdida😂😂😂

  18. Man your way of commenting is magical 😊

  19. The commenter thinks faster at end time🗿

  20. The talent on this commentator… I wasn't even watching the video but I was attentively listening to him narrating the possibilities

  21. Man I don't even know how to play chess but I watched that start to finish..well intense game 😂

  22. This is my favorite endgame ever. Ehat a move to promote into a knight but not a queen.

  23. I also love your commentating. That kind of editing and real passion promote the game superbly. And to see the respect between these two is too cool.

  24. Promoting to a knight instead of a queen and winning is insane

  25. Man such a close game that was
    And the way they both could laugh at something that they both saw in anticipation ❤

  26. The winner in this game was the commentator, absolutely riveting stuff!

  27. Incredible game from both sides, the commentator really made it a super exciting match to watch. Glued to the screen like a fifa world cup match.

  28. Ya Hindi bol ya proper English bol…khusron ki tarha na commentary kr.🤮

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