The game that made Magnus Carlsen the World Rapid Champion 2019

Usually when it is the championship game, you often see players slightly tensed or nervous. But you can see how Magnus Carlsen plays each and every move in this game with great confidence against Hikaru Nakamura. He has a full point lead over the field and instead of him offering a draw, it was Nakamura who had to ask for the half point.

After becoming the World Rapid Champion we show you the after-moments of Carlsen’s victory, a glimpse from the interview after becoming the champion and the presentation ceremony at the end!

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Does it stand to reason that you can't think out an entire game against an inexperienced player?

  2. The two playing next to magnus and hikaru admiring the presence of two of some of the greatest chess players of all time. Respect

  3. Why the game ends before it's finished check

  4. is no one gonna talk about how confident magnus was when he said and i quote " it also helps that i am better than the other" like the confidence the swag

  5. I don’t get it they didn’t even finish the game

  6. It bothers me that Carlsen places his inwards at the beginning. (i.e. at the starting position) 🙂

  7. That was the fastest resign ever!

  8. Ο ξεκάθαρα Έλληνας στην αρχή 🤣

  9. Just finished a 28 day rehab program

    Played chess everyday with my fellows

    Great times, and even greater friendships created

    Love it

  10. That sounds like Mario Binnotto on the mic.
    It isn’t.

  11. This is the quietest 'Becoming World Champion' there is.

  12. do you have to wear a suit to play Chess in a tournament???

  13. Someone could please explain why this game ended, and why (if so) Carlsen won? Thank you v.m.

  14. Carlsen being savage in interview 😂😂

  15. Against Magnus, I would offer a draw before the match begins.

  16. Clock time displayed too? That'd be nice too

  17. Wow this match literally was very clear I love it

  18. The part of the video after the game, where the camera shakily follows Magnus up the stairs, looks like out of a movie, where Magnus is about to beat up the crying child XD

  19. So he needed to win and offered a draw ? That makes no damn sense, Fischer was rolling in his grave right when that happened.

  20. I’ve only started playing chess recently, so someone tell me how did nakamura lose? Where was he checkmate?

  21. I know Hikaru is a Super GM but his position looks very suspicious

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  23. Can someone explain what role the clock plays? What happens at the end to the player who took more total time up with their turns?

  24. Sorry for my ignorance. The final handshake means that Magnus quit the game?

  25. Hi guys! If you have time kindly watch this amazing chess traps!

  26. Hikaru and Magnus look like intelligent but somewhat docile personalities. Bobby Fischer
    had a more intense persona and more confidence if not arrogance. Kasparov seems more temperamental than Hikaru and Magnus but not so confident always like Fischer.

  27. When you're that used to playing online chess you need to look at the screens to figure out what's going on..

  28. I’m trying to like this game but I can’t either it’s too advanced for me or too boring I can’t tell which one

  29. they both played like it was a blitz game! fast moves on both sides! impressive! congrats to magnus 3 years later

  30. I searched and clicked on this video so i could appreciate chess. I hated it all the more. 😖😭😭😭😭

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