The Feeling of Beating the World Chess Champion

Andrey Esipenko, an 18-year-old chess player beat Magnus Carlsen, the World Chess Champion in his first opportunity. The game was played in Round 8 of Tata Steel 2021. Check out Esipenko’s reaction!

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  1. Wait, Magnus hasn't lost once? How about that time when hikaru removed everything and actually beat him?

  2. When you beat Nelson for the first time.

  3. bless him, what a cool moment and reaction

  4. Fun fact :- Chess is an Indian game means originated in India and World famous and the government of Armenia made chess a compulsory school subject while Chess is not much popular in India and only 15% Indians like it while 60% likes Ludo and 25% others
    Edit – Who is better US or Russia ?

  5. Play league of legends to get both feelings combined

  6. poor him, he can't celebrate with yelling cause there are another match also there

  7. श्रीनिवास यशवंतराव कुलकर्णी says:

    R. Pragnananda beaten carleson 5 times in 3 months

  8. Cuando uno ESTA agotado y sin gana cualquiera gana, El juego de ajedrez es asi

  9. Little girl: "Daddy, was the day I was born the best day of your life?"
    Andrey: "Almost, dear. It was the second best day"

  10. i havent been beat by magnus carlsen either

  11. Carefull, an other possible Chess cheater on the horizon.

  12. This is how you feel and react if you win the No1 in the world FAIR AND SQUARE. Not by saying " chess speaks for it's self" crap.

  13. the funny thing is, no one know who he is…people only know bobby fische and Magnus carlsen…

  14. This is how I feel when I pass a real user verification puzzle

  15. The humbleness of the Russian kid is a good contrast here…

  16. He stopped the clock and its not a real win….. NO check mate!

  17. Isn’t it strange that we can get so excited over what is essentially little blocks of wood on a big flat piece of wood?

  18. Maybe because Magnus would rather be playing tittily winks?

  19. Magnus the bad sport! … He could’ve at least humbled himself and shook the kids hand before storming off in defeat 😠🤝🥳

  20. He thought he was as good as Magnus for a few days. Cudos.

  21. I downloaded the "Play Magnus" app years ago. Beat him in the first game.
    Never opened it since, want to hold on to that perfect score..

  22. This is what actually means beating magnus carslen not some praggpropaganda with his country's overhyped media over few rapid games

  23. he's happy that he can finally take out the anal beads lol

  24. Esipenko after the match:
    "Chess speak for itself!"

    -perhaps in other mutiverse though

  25. I can only imagine how carlsen feels after losing, the way its hyped and all

  26. That's what magnus does when the opponent didn't cheat

  27. How I felt when I beat that final Valkerie in God of War

  28. Once I played with Magnus, I sac the board he then resign

  29. Meanwhile Hans: "My chess speaks for itself"

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