The Fastest Wins In Magnus Carlsen’s Career

These are The Fastest Wins In Magnus Carlsen’s Career


not ludwig 😉


  1. 2023! Think Joe Biden could do this? Why is he holding nuclear codes?

  2. BIll Gates The richest man alive

    RIP Elon Musk 😔😔

  3. I thought Bill Gates did pretty well all things considered. I love the game but I have no Idea how you do it with the clock… That's insanity…

  4. Bro thought he was magnus fr skull emoji

  5. He does think during his opponents time so the actual time is not judt seconds

  6. What's the point of saying fastest wins when they are just low time games. Surely fastest wins should be measured by moves no?

  7. i break the brain of my teacher with napoleon strat that for quick game but this strat is kinda easy to defend

  8. Lol this video is so misleading to those who don't understand chess. Sure its entertaining, but the narrator is acting like the opponents weren't playing blitz games.

  9. “The best swordsman… the best swordsman doesn’t fear the second best… he fears the worst… because they can’t judge what action the idiot will take”

  10. Accept Jesus now and forsake your sins Jesus is Lord

  11. who else recognizes the commentary to be on point…

  12. The commentary is like this is a police chase from a American new channel.. Wondering if everyone will survive the chess games or if it will all go sideways at the next move. Drama score 43 out of 10. Cheers

  13. "He managed to defeat the richest man in the world in 9 moves"

    This sounds so stupid. Chess is game that person keeps better at by experience. I bet some retards expect that Bill Gates should be some kind of genius born with all the chess moves in his head since he one day made a Windows.

  14. I wanted to a 6 second clip but they embedded it in a 6 minute video, ummmm nope… im out… lmao

  15. I’m a “mid” player and i can relate that chess is a very complicated game and it requires a lot of knowledge to understand the right moves to win

  16. The game against Bill gates you're wrong. Gates has a winning position with rook to f1 instead of taking the knight, Magnus even said himself he resorted to trapping tactics which he doesn't usually do but he wanted to win fast

  17. Wow Magnus gets sloppy with his housekeeping. His pieces get knocked and slide all over while his opponent has to tidy up in their own time haha.

  18. "He manages to beat the richiest man in the world in just 9 moves…"
    Common little boy…
    Richiest is not equal to smartest!
    Anyone can mate BG he is not a GM…

  19. 9 moves to outplay Bill Gates and still no billionaire? Maybe the one has nothing to with the other?

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  21. Sit at the chess board and play with yourself

  22. I started the clock the day i was born and 50 years later he still aint beat me. I am the longest win in his career. Come at me bro.

  23. Bro said bill gates is the richest man alive 💀He lost that title in like 2016 like 7 years ago

  24. B d3?? No surprise to me Gates sucks at Chess.

  25. I don’t even now how to play chess and this entertained me.
    GREAT VID!👍🏻

  26. Funny how you use prime Karjakin as an example of someone who's beaten everyone, and then proceed to show an old clip of a fresh Karjakin losing to Magnus. How stupid can you be?

  27. I thought chess was just a board game that you can play for fun 😭

  28. Bill Gates is not the richest man on earth elon musk is

  29. As someone who knows almost nothing about chess, but has memorized every possible move for tic tac toe, it feels to me like Magnus is the kind of guy who memorizes the best move in all situations rather than the kind of person who calculates them.

  30. i wonder if magoogus car alarm has discord

  31. fyi, FIDE is pronounced like FEE-DAY. Not Fyde
    Reminder; it’s French. Fédération Internationale des Échecs

  32. Please chang the thumbnail because it shows the matches of Vidit and Magnus where it was a draw offered by Magnus which Vidit accepts and you have written in the title that the fastest win… It is a clear clickbait and also disrespect to Vidit's IQ and India.

  33. so this how he turn a 6 sec match in to a 7 minute vid :/

  34. Just because someone is rich doesn’t make them good at chess.
    Doesn’t give them a medical degree either. Just sayin

  35. This guys jaw makes it look like he could swallow his own face.

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