The Fastest Losses of Magnus Carlsen’s Career

The Fastest Losses of Magnus Carlsen’s Career



  1. Magnus Karlson is a spoiled brainless kid

  2. can anybody tell me why Carlsen surrendered in the last game…!!! I want to know…!!!

  3. Don't mess with Judith : OR SHE WILL KICK YOUR ASSSSS

  4. Even for the world number one,there was a random dude who wasn't even a professional who could beat him

  5. I don't see how a chess game can be considered "insane" more like boring

  6. Great Video, entertaining and instructive.
    Please, what's the Name of the Violin music at 10:30, when Magnus plays "A"?
    Love this my whole life. Thanks in advance!

  7. love that this guy accuses Hans nieman of cheating while doing shit like trying to move that king to a different square after taking his hand off, on camera with a crowd around him and with the fucking nerve to make a face afterwards. what a turd.

  8. It's funny how he always responds with tempered tantrums even as he gets older

  9. Wargamulaya වර්ගමූලය says:

    Wow thanks for highlighting every fking single thing said in this video. Couldn't have understood without them.

  10. Hey… I'm good at playing chess but I don't think I fully understand it… 🤔…

  11. Judith Polgar looks like a heavyweight in chess. So Magnus is working out now?

  12. Funny how Magnus tried to cheat and it was explained as an "illegal move".

  13. Tf am I watching I got a maths test tomorrow

  14. This guy made chess look like an action crime movie

  15. Give this channel credit to finding games where Magnus lost. Cause that is really rare and usually a blunder.

  16. Boris played like a rat. No, to win honestly, he understood that he couldn’t and found fault with the little things. Disgrace

  17. And ladies and gentlemen, those are the only few games he lost in his life 😂

  18. Hard work finding matches the champ lost :).

  19. How was that first game one of his fastest losses?

  20. Imagine being on a random Pub and then Greg tells you he beat Magnus and you call him out for luing then he pulls up the video.

  21. everyday Iplay chess wuth friends its 10:0,,
    oh yea I loose 10 times

  22. blood bath?

    its a geometry dash jk if any1 doesnt know

  23. Wow magnus is horrible, hans niemann is the true king!!! 👑

  24. Looking at the fact he was younger makes me think about how being a consistent player, makes you better, time after time

  25. They might be the best chess players in the world, but I could beat the shit out of any of them if I felt like it🤣

  26. 12:30 maybe i'm missing something but why did magnus resign here? he didn't blunder the queen, if they capture the queen, he can go knight h6+ and win it back?

  27. If those are fast loses can’t imagine the slow ones

  28. I feel like I could look at your videos when I am not working on my chess. Good job !

  29. if you watch at x2 speed will it be fastest loose in his career

  30. Fastest loses after 40 moves or more? Just Click bait trash

  31. If people make videos about your losses then you are probably doing something right 😂

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