The Difference Between a Grandmaster and a Chess Master

What’s the difference in thinking process between a chess master and a grandmaster? Alexandra and Daniel will analyze the same positions and share their assessments. Drop a like and let us know in the comments if you had the similar ideas!
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  1. kann jetzt schön ihr leben als strassennutte geniessen, da wo sie hingehört

  2. You can't beat 99.8 porcents of players and he can beat much more of 99.9 porcent of players, like 99.999, that's the diference

  3. The first problem seemed way harder to me than the second. I gave up after a few minutes on the first one, and got the second one in a few seconds.

  4. And now the difference between a grandmaster like Danya and a super granmaster like Magnus, Nepo, Ding, Fabi or Hikaru

  5. I think you need some more 9’s after that 99.9%.

  6. Second puzzle I say Qd7 pinning the knight through our own bishop. We threaten to just take the knight with our knight. If white bishop protects we attack the pinned knight with our bishop and win it.

  7. Black Queen e5 is what I was thinking fork bishop and pawn simple

  8. The biggest difference is GMs don't blunder queen.

  9. If he's really '3100' then he should be able to play Rybka or any of the earlier chess programs and win… or at least draw.

  10. Three thousand a hundred… must be a new number 😅

  11. Great video. “my chess coach” cracks me up though

  12. Female chess players are terrorists that smell nice and Grandmasters own the fragrance boutique they shop at.

  13. I understand you feel passionate about your rating and skill level in chess but please stay humble thank you

  14. I can only beat 99.5% of all players 😔

  15. Just date me, I'll take you to GM level 😏

  16. Why black can't just simply win? After he plays Queen to d4 what possibly white can play?

  17. It's great but couldn't u move at starting position the queen to g3 and win

  18. Botezes are getting cuter as they get older.

  19. I aint no master but i ran into the same problems as she did. Trapped in calculations instead of seeing all ideas first.

  20. I would watch more Botez sisters content only if it was Alexandra all the time. She is sane, balanced and importantly good at chess too (more than me anyway). Andrea is intolerable though!

  21. I saw queen d7 or d8 really fast but didnt saw if it was d7 or d8

  22. I'm so confused, why is on 18:00 knighht on E5 to threaten the queen not the correct move

  23. Why on FIDE you arre WFM and not a Master?

  24. Question: In the last puzzle, doesnt Queen to d8 just give white a free knight? what am i missing?

  25. Whats crazy is Danya isn't even top 100 in classical. Imagine if he'd the drive to continue pushing otb.He's crazy good at tactics.

  26. Notice Alex wore red lipstick. She is attracted to Daniel and the lipstick sends a signal she is available. Since he is a chess player he probably won't notice, LOL.

  27. The only problem is how do i focus on the chess

  28. Why is bishop h6 the next move from white after queen d8?

  29. My first initial instinct was Bxh2 Kxh2 but then I realized that the King doesn’t have to take back even though almost all players would without thinking if the time was getting low. From there I’d slide the Qh5+, Kg1, Qd1+. From here the King could dodge back or white could block with bishop or queen. Bishop is losing because you just take the Queen so Qf1 is white’s only other response. Don’t trade or it’s likely a draw after King takes your Queen then Nxd4 although this is likely favorable enough to win given low time again. Instead Qxd2 and all of a sudden you’ve got white forced to defend while you clean up the pawns, eventually promoting a pawn and winning the game. If King dodges then Qxa4. Defending your knight and evening the original pawn deficit. It all depends on time though and is reliant on King taking the bishop in the very beginning. Of course if the King doesn’t take the bishop then you win a free pawn. And the situation is back to square one where you could play what they suggested with Qd8.

  30. La diferencia estriba principalmente en la noñez de cada uno. El de más nivel obviamente es el más ñoño de todos.
    Esa es la diferencia.

  31. Its like usain bolt vs the fastest college runner…its.not the same.level

  32. Still waiting on the 200 games to see if you can take a game off Danya.

  33. Trying to solve the puzzles was a strange experience for me. In the first puzzle, I thought about the stalemate possibility early on, but then dismissed it because I didn't think I could immobilize my h-pawn. Then I never went back to that idea. In the second position, …Qd8 trying for a pin on the d-file was my first instinct, but then I couldn't see how to make it work and I abandoned it. I guess the lesson is, don't abandon a promising idea until you're sure it won't work.

  34. On the last puzzle what's wrong with knight D4 queen E2 bishop B4

  35. you re NOT a chess master……you re not even rated 2100. Masters are rated 2300+. Shameful.

  36. ive watched enough danya videos to actually have spotted the type 2 undefended queen. great teacher (still wouldve gone D7 though)

  37. Someone asked a question in chat (why is x play bad) and they actually took 45 seconds to run through the line and explain the ways it would play out and why it doesn't work before going back to their conversation. That's incredible, honestly shows that she really cares about her chat.

  38. Doesn't black to Qd8 give white a free knight with kc3?

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