The Day Hikaru Didn’t Miss A Single Time In Puzzle Rush

The Day Hikaru Didn’t Miss A Single Time In Puzzle Rush

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  1. You have to watch this at 0.5 speed to understand

  2. for the last puzzle the move was queen f3 right

  3. 5:36 This is my first time seeing the Hikaru coffee mug. Excellent.

  4. Longest streak I have was 17 and I had a headache after and watching this made me feel so inferior lol

  5. Hikaru:i just wanna chill

    Also hikaru: rapidly solves puzzle solving at a high pace

  6. Hikaru: really tired
    Also Hikaru: doesn't miss a puzzle

  7. How many times did he say “water on my face”?

  8. Asian who watch from australia and new zealand LMAO

  9. Me: Spends 10 minutes doing variations on puzzle 20
    Hikaru: in 10 minutes has 40 done and talks to chat the whole time

  10. Ur making sound while drinking… I'm really happy now that magnus beats u…

  11. no one:
    subtitles at 3:40 : Then you do cousteau for the prime nato ool ooay dreams for the prime thing shimako for

    EDIT: wait he actually said that

  12. Hikaru solving puzzles:
    Starting position
    Mate in 69

  13. I did the same thing!

    Because I never got past the second puzzle

  14. This guy is good, he should try going professional.

  15. He has memorised most of the puzzles.

  16. i dont think hes human

  17. Me: takes my time doing puzzles

    Hikaru: gotta go fast

  18. They keep saying you look tired they are analyzing you more than chess

  19. My friends dad was really good at chess I never could beat him if I could beat u that would be a goal but I suck lmao 🤣 😂

  20. "And good morning everybody how are you guys doing hope you're having a fantastic morning everybody wake up samurai we have chess to beat good morning how are you guys doing hope you're having a fantastic morning" is how im going to start greeting people

  21. I really needed to see the video at half speed; just to realize that he sounds so smashed lmao

  22. Black Queen f3 after white King Will go d2 and u Will gain enemy with bishop b4

  23. Wtf it takes me 10 seconds to realize if im black or white

  24. 2:10 I can relate to that so much I beat mine 27 times in a row and she is never mad at me ever but she got cussed which she never does lmao it was the funniest thing

  25. It’s insane how good he is,where can i watch his streams?

  26. Thumbnail title : And The day where we lost our minds

  27. I feel that Hikaru pays way too much attention to the chat and talks too much, I wish there weren't videos like this where he spends 80% of the time talking and the other 20% actually paying attention to the game. I would love to watch him crushing the challenges but it takes so long for him to start.

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