The Day Hikaru Didn’t Miss A Single Time In Puzzle Rush

The Day Hikaru Didn’t Miss A Single Time In Puzzle Rush

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  1. Better, if you watch at half speed. Agreed, Hikaru's language is kinda strange at half speed, but you have a chance to understand a part of the problem while he solves it.

  2. Last puzzle: Qf5+, King d2, Bb4+, king moves, Bishop takes queen

  3. I don’t get how you see checkmate before most people can even think about what they would play.
    Incredible play.

  4. The editing of this clip is so bad, dislike

  5. The last position i think just go qf5 and then if black king move to d2 and white play bishop d4, if black king move to e2 and then white move queen to e4 and just move the bishop

  6. Watch at 0,25 speed to see a completely stoned Hikaru solve puzzles at the pace where you can actually see some of the moves

  7. Даа , это просто гений , я даже не знаю Шахматы это талант или всё таки можно натренироваться и играть отлично в эту игру, но мне интуиция подсказывает что всё таки талант , потому что это как и игра на гитаре если есть талант то будешь играть , Хикару это пример таланта и интелекта несомненно , не каждому дано играть в шахматы так же шикарно как это делает он

  8. the world gonna change if Hikaru misses puzzle

  9. "There is asians watching at new zealand and australia" 💀💀💀

  10. Also he had the last one right. Queen moves them bishop check and takes the queen yo 😊

  11. Impressive. Very nice
    Now lets see Paul Allens Score

  12. I don’t know why but this is really relaxing to watch

  13. We are good,I hope you will always feel good and never bad or sad.have best days

  14. Is there a reason you don't take at 4:26 the pawn?? You'd have a line on the horse and eventually protection for your own one. I need an explanation

  15. Hikaru doing 49 puzzle rushes in a row without any mistakes is astounding, I would most likely already make a mistake on the 7th or 8th one.

  16. I came for the puzzle rush, ended up watching Hikaru talking about other things instead

  17. “It’s a double double” where my Canadians at

  18. Me: He looks stoned
    Hikaru: I feel really really good, I got the warm fuzzy feeling.
    Me: I knew it

  19. idk why I'm even trying to solve them before him

  20. i can do this too, very easy just don't do a single one

  21. He keeps talking about putting water on his face hahahahahah

  22. Opponent: moves e4
    Hikaru: lmao this is puzzle n°2844 ggez

  23. he beat my all time record in like 3 minuts lol

  24. He's insane at chess but my god is he an insufferable being.

  25. oh no I have to watch this at half speed

  26. Every superhero needs his theme song! Love the intro fam.

  27. to quote hikaru: "There are alot of Asians from India"

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