The BIGGEST Mistake Chess Players Make #shorts

This is the Biggest & Most Common Mistake that Most Chess Players Make. Beginners & intermediate players immediately exchange when they get a chance. Remember, this golden rule – ‘To Take is a Mistake’.
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  1. When I did the queens gambit he got me from behind 🍑

  2. This is also good move. I like your way of explaining things.

  3. Bhaiya i want this chess board which gives real time w and b position ❤

  4. "To take is a mistake"
    Unless your opponent has 69 elo.

  5. If we take with a the knight and the bishop take our knight we could also take his bishop

  6. Why would you take with your knight, that does not look like the best move to me.

  7. Me after my opponent hangs a queen
    "To take is a mistake" "To take is a mistake" "To take is a mistake"

  8. Maybe something like "to trade won't always amaze" or some shit would be a safer rule to follow😂

  9. In the first senario we also have our bishop

  10. "To take is a mistake"
    Me casually not takes pawn and mate him but just retreats instead

  11. The queen would just kill the pawn in front of it and it is check mate

  12. What will you do if your knight is not in the e5 square?

  13. White still can trade bishops, so I think it is fine

  14. I'd sacrifice my bishop by first taking the knight and then, sacrifice the knight (not a 100% certain that the other player would want to take the knight or not), and move the pawn H forwards to block the queen.

  15. baar baar iski video aa jarhi hai 5 baar se jyada baar report maar chuka fir bhi aate jaa rhi hai ab iske ghar main ghus ke iska channel delete karwaunga

  16. Instructions unclear: Lost all my pieces and got checkmated by 4 queens

  17. to take is not a mistake….. actually it depends the situation…you have to know when to take and when to not

  18. u could've taken his bishop with ur bishop

  19. Sir please given more information about chees

  20. "To take is a mistake."
    Me who ignored my opponent blundering his Queen

  21. Bro please can someone tell me where can I purchase that chess set or any good chess set under 3000 I am searching for a good chess set for almost an year now please please please please 🙏🙏🙏 please tell meeeeeeee

  22. You can move you pawn to H3 that's a simple move played by Bobby Fischer because in the initial moment have to open space for king 👑 thank me later

  23. And also we can move pawn infront of opponent queen

  24. Thanks, now i know i shouldnt ever take a free queen that also results in a checkmate even thought if i dont take i get checkmated

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