the BEST Shogi Opening for Chess Players

Have you ever played a game of shogi where you were massacred by your opponent out of the opening? If that sounds like you, then this video on the URESHINO will be an easy fix to avoid mainline Joseki, and help you move past the opening and into the endgame, where your chess tactical skills will carry you through!

Here is the Ureshino study I mentioned in the video:

I am streaming at so come join me there 😃 (I’ll be preparing for the first fixture of the World Shogi League starting this March, so will be streaming a lot!)

Also, if you are a shogi player from the UK, we have a new shogi discord server called the “British Shogi Group” where we will be promoting in-person and online tournaments, sharing shogi resources, and much more! Feel free to join the group here:

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  1. I know this video is a year old, but I think you're around my level at this current video (although I think I am a little better, since I learnt this in primary school). The best games are when you can go beyond your opening and find your own ideas in the chaos. That 1 Dan game must have been exhilarating!

  2. The one thing that's wild about Shogi is just how easy it is for a lethal attack to come out of nowhere.The restricted mobility of pieces, especially backwards seems to allow check-mates out of absolutely nothing.

  3. Let's all put down our LiShogi account here, I want to play human badly in shogi

  4. 17:00 Hey, just saw your video, I'm VictorC ! Thank you for sharing my study 🤓 It would need an update though, some informations could be more accurate, I was not that accustomed to this strategy one year ago !

  5. As pointed out by Timezombi in the Chess Lifestyle discord, on move 47 G*53 is (obviously) completely fine since if Rook takes, bishop takes back and promotes!!! So apologies for that miss in the analysis, clearly still need work on my one move captures 🤣🤣

  6. love the video, I had been confused about this opening for quiet a while now

  7. It's an all the more fearsome opening that Hidetchi didn't make a video about it !
    I believe it wasn't popular (or even created..) back in the days..
    So, very hard to find material on how to counter it.. but thanks for your link in the description !

  8. 2:28 If gold takes, isn't a rook drop at 3-2 much better than a second striking pawn on the gold? It forks the king and the knight. He could defend with a silver drop under the gold, but then you can take the pawn with the rook in your camp with promotion, he has to take it with the gold because the silver is pinned, then you can take the silver with promotion and check with your rook and fork the gold threatening the knight in the next move. The only available moves for him then are a rook drop to block your rook's attack or for the king to run to the back rank, in which case you can take the knight with check. So you'd trade a rook for a silver, a gold, and a knight and completely destroy his left flank. If he blocks with the rook you can take the knight and escape.

  9. Chess openings ruined the game for me. When I learned few of them I became better than my friends and the game no longer felt intelectually compelling. I feel that a lot of chess is just a lame memorization. Why would you do the same for shogi@

  10. I'm japanese shogi player. Ureshino system isn't major fighting.Because, japanese professional shogi players didn't use Ureshino system.But, I'm interesting how to new fighting . So I'm happy to upload this movie.I'm not good at writing English.I'm sorry.

  11. 1. f4 and especially 1. b3 aren't about 'going hard in on the attack' so much

  12. Thank you for making this and other shogi videos! Any shogi resources, and especially knowledgeable instruction, in English is very sparse online so this helps a lot!

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