The Best Funny Chess Moments of all time.

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  1. What was the big deal with touching the king? ( never played chess so I am lost)

  2. I didn't know Magnus and carslen were playing since there were no color TVs

  3. The best opening is to wait until4:20 on the clock, then PE4, KE2

  4. Who is Nepo's actual opponent in the first clip?

  5. The moment the 1st participant realized he is on the wrong table

  6. Carlsen is such a brat. I would expect better sportsmanship out of him

  7. why in the fuck would you choose to upload all of these clips that were previously in color in black and white

  8. Carlsen, when commenting "The Queen's Gambit", got angry at Borgov for how he played the last game ("He should be ashamed! He had all night to prepare!") forgetting that he was an actor following a script. Carlsen is always 100% committed 😂

  9. Ese Ivanchucky es de pelicula 🤣🤣🤣

  10. You didn't show mangnus upset stomoch gambit attack match against vidit

  11. What do you mean by "the best funny moments of ALL TIME"? Did you see all the moments like in 1920's or 1930's to say so? Cheater.

  12. But people know it's more than sleeping lmao the snoring is hilarious

  13. I just started playing chess in January. 1200 Lichess rating noob.

    But I gotta say, the stiff sorroundings in the tournaments could use a little less cringe atmosphere

  14. I mean, I like chess but those Funiest Moments are sooo dry…;)

  15. It's a little known FIDE rule that up until 2018 all chess matches, regardless of the year they are played in, must be recorded with camera equipment from 1956

  16. Василий Иванчук is the best.

  17. Can anyone explain the nakamura clip where he touched the king

  18. Ivanchuk wasn't even playing chess hr was playing checkers lmao

  19. Young Magnus taking a stroll against Kasparov is brilliant, Not a care in the world.

  20. The way the guy in the first clip realized that he was facing the wrong player

  21. Kasparov-fair-play player. Shame, old man

  22. I admire these players for their brilliance. But can they tell a funny story?

  23. Entair world permit to sleep only in this game

  24. surprised the chess king sac wasn't in this…

  25. The black & white helped me to enjoy this less

  26. Legends are watching in 2022


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