The Best Chess Players Of All Time

Best Chess Players

Do you like this intellectual game? Then you’ll enjoy learning about the best chess players of all time. Tap on the name you’re interested in to read the full biography and tactics. This will help you peek into famous grandmasters’ way of thinking. As well as show you the grasp of their genius.

The Best Chess Players Of All Time

Bobby Fischer (the USA, 1943 – 2008)

Bobby Fischer (the USA, 1943 - 2008)

Fischer is famous for unique and creative style. It helped the challenger win in the “Match of the Century” against GM Spassky. This brought Fischer the title of World Champion. Such success inspired the creation of a drama film called Pawn Sacrifice. Watch the trailer here.

Emanuel Lasker (Germany, 1868 – 1941)

Emanuel Lasker (Germany, 1868 - 1941)

This world-class player is known for defending the title of the best for 27 years. Lasker’s career lasted for 50 years. And even at an older age, the man continued challenging younger opponents. Lasker won 3rd place at the 1935 tournament in Moscow, being 66 years old!

Jose Raul Capablanca (Cube, 1888 – 1942)

Jose Raul Capablanca (Cube, 1888 - 1942)

This player got the title of World Champion at the age of 33. It happened after the man won a match against legendary Lasker in 1921. Capablanca was brilliant in the endgame phase. Thanks to this, the Cuban didn’t lose a game for 8 years in a row.

Mikhail Botvinnik (Russia, 1911 – 1995)

Mikhail Botvinnik (Russia, 1911 - 1995)

This top-class challenger had a unique iron-styled strategy. At the same time, it was flexible enough to surprise opponents with unexpected maneuvers. This allowed the player to adapt to any technique. In 1963, Botvinnik organized a chess school that later produced three legends: Karpov, Kasparov, and Kramnik.

Summing Up

These are only a few best chess players of all time. There have been other brilliant minds, too. And, of course, new stars keep coming to the spotlight even these days. Take a look at this demonstrative rating video of top chess talents since 2000. Check out the chess clubs in Brookhaven, NY!