The Best Chess Player in the Last Year

Hikaru checks out this list:


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  1. Once you reach your peak, all the ways are pointing downhill now.

  2. Also the lowest sample size…. He knows he would get absolutely obliterated I’m a match against Magnus even when Magnus isn’t in form

  3. What kind of hikari makamura name have Amerika sounds japanese

  4. With the least amount of games on that top list

  5. Hikaru hates it when Magnus is always at the top or is winning so he truly does care.

  6. I thought anish giri was indian 😅

  7. Third best is "of course" Magnus Carlsen. Bro doesn't even know what words mean.

  8. lol at clown taking it out of context. It's likely mostly due to Magnus having a higher Fide rating listed initially, so even if Magnus and Hikaru drew, Hikaru would get listed with a higher Fide rating. (e.g. if a draw happened between them in January Hikaru would get listed as 2839 while Magnus would get HIkaru's 2768)

  9. Number 7 is from country, Azerbaijan. Very proud

  10. Hikaru and Magnus are equal players. But Magnus wins when the humidity is below 50% and Hikaru wins when humidity is above 50%.

    Now because of climate change the humidity has been higher than normal so Hikaru has been playing better.

  11. Hikaru 18.5:31=59% Magnus 28.5/43=66%
    Magnus rating is much higher and all his opponents are lower rated. This is self loving calculation. As long as Magnus plays he will be the best, even if he loses.

  12. That Hikaru guy sucks at chess. Ive heard he occasionally loses to that Magnus guy and he sucks even more.

  13. nobody observe gukesh with 70 out of 107

  14. Hikaru referring to himself in the 3rd person will never get old

  15. Gukesh playing 107, dude only played classical chess for a whole year, no other hobbies.

  16. Εκπρόσωπος says:

    No man you are just a fake Chinese who thinks hes American thats all

  17. Naaa bs, 1st of all Richard Rapport is on Romanian side, and rest of the details you know it…

  18. Magnus WR 66%, Hikaru WR 59%, and Nepo WR% 55

  19. “Stupid streamer guy” ???? Just because he’s not a data scientist doesn’t mean he’s stupid!! Cmon Hikaru

  20. The fact that Nepo did significantly better than Ding just shows how the chess championship was a farse for two different reasons lol

  21. Because Nakamura's maintained his points advantage over a smaller amount of games doesn't that give him a big advantage or am I reading it wrong?

  22. Meanwhile gukesh 70/107 🗿🗿🗿

  23. Shocking to see pragg is not in the top 20

  24. Did he just call himself a stupid streamer guy?

  25. Is he playing a role? I hope so

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