The Anti-London Game Every Chess Player Should Know

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In this video, I shared one of my favorite games in which the London Opening gets destroyed. The game features a positional masterpiece played between Grandmasters Vladimir Petkov and Momchil Nikolov. Analyze the game here:

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  1. So by going Qb3 White basically gifts Black a white opening because this is what Black should avoid in a Slav-type setup. White also has to invite this by going 5.Nd2!?
    Any thoughts on the interesting (imo) line 5. Nf3 Nh5!? or is there any video that touches on this?

  2. Hmmm…talk about end-game pawn power! All black's pawns remain! Not often one sees that happening – but it's very nice indeed! Super game!

  3. This experience would make White players retire the London

  4. I am a beginner at chess. 1 month of learning and my mind is blowing up. How many traps, tricks at openings, defenses you have to remember. Oh my goooooooooood!

  5. After Qb6 why wouldn't white just play b3?

  6. Lost me at admiring the trash book "The Art of Learning"

  7. I'm new to chess. I just got to 1100 in rapid and everybody uses the London or some form of d4 opening.

  8. Reminds me of boris gelfand bikaru nakamura 2010

  9. I think Qb3 was a mistake for white. As a London player, delaying Nd2 and playing b3 in response to Qb6 has been the most effective way to protect that pawn and also prevent black from playing c4.

  10. Anti- London play to a guy at my level is almost like an AI playing chess. If you're the London Player you think "I'm so solid there's nothing my opponent can do." Then that surprising knight and pawn and bishop attack what seemed to be an impenetrable defense. White can only say "ugh".

  11. Fantastic video and analysis of a great game that showed a lot of anti-London ideas!! Thank you!

  12. Fantastic commentary and the game is beautiful!

  13. Ik verveel me zo alsjeblieft hulp. Het is gevaarlijk om alleen te zijn. Er zijn vele dingen dat ik kan doen maar ik zoek hulp. Hulp van jou.

  14. My respects to IM Rosen. His teachings are quite good if we consider that he is just a human being. He is not at my same level in chess (3600 rated), but he is very clear to teach mere mortals.

  15. What I like is that this approach can be used in some positions of the exchange Caro-Kann where Qb3 is met by Qb6.

    Eric, where did white actually go wrong? What do you think?

  16. Watched this video on a plane yesterday, had the black pieces today against the London and implemented this idea. Worked perfectly!

  17. What a brilliant game by black. And very nicely reviewed, thank you.

  18. I learn alot your video. Very Interesting..

  19. I remember analyzing a game I played against a London enjoyer and apparently the opening I used was called the anti London, go fig…….

  20. Thank you Eric, I've seen these anti-London games and have a pretty poor record on them. good job bro!!

  21. Hi Eric. The book you recommend is a book i have for year already. Time I start reading it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Another book is also nice… In search of Bobby Fischer. I learned chess years ago… with Chess Master 11. In there Josh Waitzkin is the teacher. Also great.

  22. What if instead oh queen B3 he just go pawn to B3.

  23. Eric: how does the game continue if after Black plays 6. … Qb6, instead of 7. Qb3, white plays 7. dxc5, 7. Nh4, or 7. Qc1?

  24. Love the recap at the end, bringing it all together

  25. confront blacks white bishop as soon as possible with your white bishop and none of this matters

  26. hahahaha i had this exact theme in my own game and i missed b4 😭😭😭

    the key to white surviving is not playing Bc2 immediately, castling first and try to survive a worse but not losing position

  27. After black plays Qb6, white needs to move the bishop on F5. Does Nh4 work? Black bishop only move to avoid trade is off that diagonal. Then white can follow with Qb3 and still have the return square it wants.

  28. This is a great example Eric, a similar example is in your Rosen London course. However these lines that are executed by black are of the highest quality played my GM's. How can mere mortals like myself be expected to think through such complex lines?🤔

  29. I hate when im trying to enjoy the game and some random 500 rated noob plays the london. I win each time but I still don't have an exact strategy, but now I do. thank you eric

  30. White's first mistake was a3. Better was Bishop to e2, then castle kingside. I'm not consulting an engine here. Just my initial humble opinion. White played too defensively. Again, just imho. Black's queenside is the weaker of the two, that is until White played a3, traded off the white-squared bishops, and moved Rook to c1. I'm not convinced that this is any sort of refutation of the London. White just played too slow and defensively. Black's white-squared Bishop is of little help on the queenside once it's tucked away on h2. White wasted time trading the bishops that could have been used to attack Black's queenside. Comments and corrections are most welcomed. Oh, and yeah, thanks to Eric Rosen. I like this channel a lot. Thumbs up and subscribed.

  31. Excellent review. I play the London so this is instructive and insightfully so. Thanks!

  32. that dude literally has MOM CHILL surname lmao

  33. It's kind of disappointing that everyone is out to crush the London. The shame is that the intentions and ideas behind the London are good. It was meant as a tool for beginners and maybe early intermediate players to almost be guaranteed to reach a middlegame in good principle without getting wrecked early by triicks, gambits, traps, wayward queens, etc.. So yeah, there are plenty of other options for White and you can't just play your first moves on autopilot without paying attention to what Black is doing. It seemed to be promising when I used it to beat the 1000-1400 bots. Better for White for beginners is probably the Italian, the Bishop's, Two Knights, the Stonewall, maybe the KIA. I'm kind of leery of the Scotch. The Caro-Kann seems cool, but I feel like I need to learn lots of lines for pretty far out- so that is a project. The Stonewall seemed to have some interesting attacking options and is also good for crushing bots. Some other White systems are very similar to the London, but again, no autopilot.

  34. Hi Eric. I'm starting to slowly climb the ladder around 800 blitz and I'm constantly getting smashed by the London. This gives me hope 🙂 All the best from Australia.

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