Tennison Gambit Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Variation


Are you tired of your chess opponents threatening thermonuclear war? This tutorial on the Tennison Gambit in chess will explain how to counter your opponent by effectively using intercontinental ballistic missiles in your chess game to trick your opponent. The strategy is viable for players of all levels including beginners and will work on chess players of all ELO ratings.

Footage provided by Military Archive


  1. There is also a strategy called 32 Pickup that works quite well. A rather small subset of this one but still effective

  2. Mr Rajesh you have so robotic voice.

  3. I sacrifice my pawn to play blue eyes white dragon

  4. I always keep an Arrow-3 interception unit on hand for events like this

  5. This went from a chess tutorial to a list of every single misleading known to man

  6. Be careful guys, people will most likely use the Ultimate Algebraic Nuclear Bunker or the Legendary Carlsen Nuclear Silo Pad to block/counter your Intercontential Ballistic Missile from your International American Vehicles or from your Private International Nuclear Launch Button.
    They will also most likely use the Ultimate Hikaru of Time Reversal Technology to reverse time and space and fix what they've done, and possibly checkmate you.

  7. This is just a bit of dramatization of how chess games by my brother and me ended up when we were kids…

  8. Instructions unclear: the missile killed all my pieces too and my family, though I'm more concerned about my pieces

  9. He forgot to mention the possibility of the moab

  10. you get a like because I used a similar ranged attack metaphor to explain chess moves recently… pro move

  11. Never use this move against an iranian player

  12. the thing is the chess board is oriented wrong way it must be white on the right down edge always and white king always on black and black king always on white when the game starts

  13. Warning: using this opening may start WW3 as the USA would think Russia attacked them and fire back

  14. isn't the queen suppose to be light squared

  15. I love how Everybody Just ignore the combat plane watching the entire match. It had really fool u All.

  16. fun fact: this is a real tutorial, but it stops at the obvious part for the joke

  17. The chess board is wrong, the A1 square should be dark not light

  18. Lore of Tennison Gambit Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Variation momentum 100

  19. Anyone else notice the chess board is incorrect?

  20. I love how the icbm gambit actually works and is real (no, I am not joking)

  21. So, I work on AI for my job, of all the neural networks I have built, this is more advanced than anything I have ever seen!!

    (Love this iconic video, lol.)

  22. The placement of the King and Queen are wrong!!!!!

  23. After this I never lost a game again! Although I did lose my court case

  24. Thanks for an option for beginners, much easier variation

  25. Have you seen a game played Defcon? A video in that style with an ominous music would be cool.

  26. Personally I prefer a shoulder mounted javelin launcher, itโ€™s a little more personal than typing in a launch code, makes the game a little more enjoyable

  27. Does this also work using a shoulder fired AT4?

  28. Who stupid enough to fall for that

  29. I love shocking my opponents with a intercontinental ballistic missile

  30. Did anyone else notice that the tile colors are backwards lmaooo

  31. Anybody realize the board wasn't correctly rotated? The white square should be I'm the bottom right corner but other than that this is an accurate and strong gambit.

  32. And this, my friends, is how the Bosnians took the world in 2099.

  33. Are the icbms laser or radar guided? can my opponent counter with an electromagnetic pulse reversal?

  34. I went to school with my bicycle today and barely avoided an anti-Tank Missile I can confirm we need these defenses

  35. arent the kings and queens not supposed to be lined up for both sides? ๐Ÿ˜‚

  36. RT 2PM2 Topol M Cold launched three stage solid propellant silo based Intercontinental ballistic missile

  37. That was beautiful i can finally get from 1050 to 1050 next year

  38. I tried this at the Israeli Chess Championship (2022). Sadly it did not go as expected. Being used to American chess tournaments, I forgot to account for the Iron Dome and blundered my MGM-140 ๐Ÿ˜ฎโ€๐Ÿ’จ

  39. the board is wrong there should be dark square in your lower left corner! King is placed in opposite color

  40. Umm 1 question, should we capture the black's queen or should we blow the opponent along with board using a ATGM

  41. Thanks buddy, now I have no friends ๐Ÿ˜

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