Taking on the World’s Best Chess Players for $50,000 | Agadmator Arena

In this video, I compete in one of the richest online tournaments ever — the Agadmator CakeDeFi Christmas Arena. The Prize fund featured $58,000 prize fund with first place receiving 1 bitcoin. The event attracted some of the world’s best players including Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, and Alireza Firouzja. Thank you to @agadmator for hosting a tournament so amazing, it crashed lichess.org. Hopefully there will be a conclusion to the tournament in the near future…
0:00 Everything is broken
0:24 The Berserk button is broken?
3:18 New tournament begins!
4:57 “The hope is I play a weaker player…”
5:53 Risky Grand Prix Attack
9:18 Catalan leads to imbalanced endgame
10:50 Center pawn diamond London game
14:45 Super-theoretical AlphaZero London
17:06 Feel good Four Knights
18:30 Ultra-aggressive London
19:52 Struggling against a 1700
22:53 Can I crush a Grandmaster with the London?
25:50 Time to stop berserking (London)
28:45 Just kidding, I’m still berserking (London as Black)
32:10 Must… win… fast…
33:43 Opponent plays irregular opening
36:22 London vs GM Andrey Espipenko
38:34 Hack attack London
41:29 Grandmaster destroys my soul
42:37 London vs GM Ray Robson
44:29 Walrus Declined
48:33 GM plays London against me
51:52 Lichess broke again

Tournament standings (spoiler)–

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  1. You know eric is focused if he dosnt comment on the pawndiamond.. Timestamp: 10:20

  2. It was so stupid to allow all players. A bunch of 1000s even 600s players. What was the problem to limit the rating? 2000 and better or something

  3. 40:01
    In this position Rh8 was a great move.
    If he takes back, we capture the queen.
    If he tries to escape, then
    Rh8+, Kg7, Rh7+, Kf8 or Kg8, Qxf7# and mate.

  4. Eric says “132 is that a new peak heartrate” and then his heartrate proceeded to spike up to 150

  5. 1600s: "So, I've decided not to play "hope chess", it's my balanced decision".
    2700: "Oh no, my queen! Please take it, pleease…"

  6. 27:17 – "black doesn't have a light square bishop, " conveniently ignoring said light square bishop on b7.

  7. If you don't know the name and rating of your opponent, I'm sure you can beat Carlsen easily. You get nervous against GMs and that ruins your game.

  8. Great games especially the game against Hikaru.

  9. Qxb8 dahh! He blundered a free queen😭 nvm eric OP!

  10. Even hikaru trembles before the might of the all powerful rosen god

  11. Wow! congrats on beating hikaru! great job! very fast paced games, i am not a pro, so I was having trouble understanding what was happening! =X

  12. Those idiot guys in chat keep making voice comments and breaking his concentration

  13. Can someone tell me why it is called the Agadmators arena? I know him, but Im not really up to time with that.

  14. How the hell does Eric concentrate when everybody is spamming those voice messages in the chat? Give the dude a chance to think.

  15. worst game in videeo is win against hikaru. lolz

  16. Funny how Eric only started losing that game after waking up from autopilot lmao

  17. Easy clap would have been hilarious, would have loved nikarus reaction😅

  18. Eric getting lazy with the timestamps. 12:36 wasn't a stafford gambit and it should be titled "Rosen Trap"

  19. That endgame squeeze by Esipenko was pure quality here (game at 36:25)

  20. Another awesome video Eric! ❤️❤️ I just made my first $27,000 in cryptocurrency I'm so glad I'm gonna have a successful retirement.

  21. Has the rest of this tournament been rescheduled yet?

  22. Berserk all day every day is another way of committing to the Botez Gambit. This was so much fun. Thanks for the video 🙂

  23. Watching the heart rate spike during the Hikaru match had me in stitches

  24. must… win…fast was my favorite game, great wok

  25. 46:47 is why Hikaru thinks Eric could potentially become a GM if he works at it.

  26. So many incredible games from you! Congrats on a great tournament even though it ended short

  27. Eric crushing his opponent after a Hikaru win: 'Wait what is this game? I forgot I'm in the midst of playing a game. I'm still remembering the previous game'

  28. The Esipenko game was a masterclass of positional chess.

  29. That “let’s go” whisper was so sensual.

  30. 24:40

    26: fxg5
    M is possible
    26: fxg5, Rf1+
    27: Rxf1, Rxf1+
    28: Qe1, Rxe1+
    29: Qd1#

    26: fxg5, Rf1+
    27: Qe1, Rxe1+
    28: Rxe1 …

    What the GM did is just a trade.

    No checkmate

  31. in the beginning when he says it’s the most chaotic moment of his life😂

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