(3 Sep 1972) Interview with Soviet Chess player, Boris Spassky, on losing to US challenger Bobby Fischer, in Reykjavic

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  1. I wish this interviewer had a little more respect. He seemed to be "questioning for blood."

  2. Ok Im sorry but what the fuck kind of a question is "how dissapointed are you to have lost your world title?" that interviewer pisses me off

  3. wow, he really is humble for a former world champion ! I can only admire his behaviour.

  4. A gentleman indeed! This interview makes one fall in love with Spassky.

  5. What an honest gentle man and sports man!!! Grandmaster SPASSKY🏆

  6. journalists like this is part of why I stopped pursuing journalism. What kind of questioning is this? The interviewer is borderline like tabloid esque here and it bothers me. However I am glad to see how Spassky responded to him. It reminds me of how Tal responded to losing to Botvinnik. By admitting that the better player won instead of making some excuse.

  7. It's like the interviewer was trying to get him to punch him in the face

  8. Spassky was a True champion. Respected the game, the fans and his opponents.

  9. He was one of the best player in his time and the last one to play romantic chess he even played kings gambit shame that he did not took chess too seriously

  10. If you follow only max Euwe advice .to boycott the match when Fischer default in second game and childish unacceptable tantrums of Fischer. You had a reason and free to go home in USSR. Keeping the Title .

  11. Dross: dice que te apareceran fantasmas dice

  12. Spassky is a great player and great person. He was not a chess fanatic like Fisher but he is a brilliant player and a man who loves other things in life.
    He said Fischer was a better player, though he had never been beaten by Fischer until the match …
    Great respect for Spassky

  13. Spassky is one of the greatest player of all time.

  14. Humble and respectful. He earned it no doubt

  15. Spassky has shown throughout his whole career that he was an extremely talented player. He may say Bobby was better (in this match!), yet let's not downplay Spassky's talent. He had plenty of it.

  16. words of a true champion, excuse my english 😉

  17. Class act; always will I respect him! Although I’m an American and love Fischer, he didn’t have class like Spassky, far from it actually.

  18. 1:00 "how did bobby fischer beat you?" Maan, would I Beat that interviewer

  19. I like that he flat out said he was a better player, that is sufficient enough to me to not make me overly suspicious of no cameras allowed and all that.

  20. What a great man and player. I learn a lot studying his games. He was such a nice sportsman

  21. Fischer did not prove anything, but used gross mistakes.


  23. A personality far above Bobby Fischer!

  24. A true professional with so much class. No excuses. “He is a better player”.

  25. What a meek, modest and honest man. A great ambassador for chess.

  26. I miss gentlemen like this on and off the board.

  27. The match was played in the summer so how could an interview in March make reference to his having lost it?
    Get your act together, AP idiots.

  28. Nice interview. 🙂
    Yes, all players should arrive on time in the tournament hall. ♟️

  29. A gentlemen, a talented chess player and incredible chess ambassador! Humble, character and class! On the contrary, his English is impressively good. His brilliant wins over Fischer in previous encounters to this match and in the Poisoned Pawn Variation in this match tells he is a talented player. An inspiring figure for whom one has only respect and admiration! Grandmaster Spassky 🏆!

  30. The world could use more people like Spassky 🙂

  31. His comments regarding Fischer are fair. I'm a huge fan of Fischer but I can't knock anything Spassky said in this interview regarding the legend!

  32. He lost to an amazing player, nothing to feel bad about.

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