Swag of Indian Chess Players🗿#chess #praggnanandhaa


  1. Gukesh farts
    Sagar: Wow what a magnificient scent

  2. Pragg Gukesh and Nihal can give tough figh to top levels, good luck to them

  3. An army is coming for the world throne. ( can argue not now but eventually)

  4. the video couldn't hv ended without PRAG 🔥

  5. Nihal seems like a kid when he stands beside Arjun.
    Edit- I started a war :"(

  6. And still, a certain Norwegian stands in their way ,

  7. Magnus, hikaru laughing at the corner 😅

  8. Let one of them win this tournament- that would be the time to celebrate swag

  9. The way you are representing the country, Salute !

  10. gookesh spits on sagar shah,
    sagar: down to earth banda hai down to earth!

  11. They play this tournament just to face magnus in the final 😭

  12. That’s my Dude Go Gukesh hoping for a Good Show in the Candidates Do your Thing

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