Super Rare Opening… But It’s Actually Good | Chess Opening

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This video shows a strong chess opening (Halloween Gambit) that is barely played by anybody. If you want to learn how to win at chess, subscribe now! I teach Chessplayers how to improve their overall Chess Skills 🙂


  1. why is everyone commenting this sentence

  2. I think when you made this video it became a common opening LOL

  3. Great video, BUT this opening is better in short games as your opponent wont have enough time to punish you properly. there is good reason why you don't see this opening in tournaments where players actually get time to think.

  4. why everyone commenting this sentence?

  5. Bro when you said "And if you don't subscribe right now", the subscribe button actually lbgtq'd ! ( 2:53 )

  6. "why is everyone commenting this sentence"
    if you read everything

  7. This is a fun thing to combine with the Vienna gambit: when that won't work because of 3. Nc6, you can put the third knight on f3, and then by far the most common move is to end up with the four knights.

  8. Why is everyone commenting this sentence?

  9. Why is everyone commenting this sentence

  10. Why is everyone commenting this sentence?

    🫡 I read it all

  11. Bruh………….. Man, This. Is. The. BEST OOPPPPEEEENNNINNNG EEEVVEER. When my teacher not says to play it😑

  12. No thanks i am pretty content with italian but i love the content

  13. Why is no one commenting this sentence

  14. Petition to change the opening name to: I fucking hate horses, oh my god, i hate them and wish nothing but misery and misfortune on all horses.

  15. why is everyone commenting this sentence!

  16. I think this should be called, the tism gambit

  17. what if they go for the fried liver, no one goes for this piano crap, right?

  18. This chess channel will go a long way…and am sure will become one of the best…🤍🤍

  19. I just experienced something horrific i think

  20. Basically harass the knights.

  21. great concept, but players ranked 1500 won't fall for this. I end up loosing when i try to stick to these openings and overlook what the opponent plays 🙁

  22. Why is everyone commenting this sentence?

  23. why is everyone commenting this sentence

  24. "Sometimes win, sometimes lose"

    That's the best encouraging statement I've ever heard. One mustn't win everytime, just don't lose too much. 😉

  25. I'd the first knight at 1.08 doesn't go back and goes somewhere else

  26. why am i the only one commenting this sentence 😀

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